Monday, July 23, 2007

What's In Your SmartPak?

In preparation of moving Brego to a new facility where someone else will feed him twice a day, I have ordered his supplements using SmartPak, a brilliant idea. His supplements come individually wrapped with his name on it in daily servings so the new barn simply needs to pop them open and pour them on his food each day. Simple. Easy. Brilliant.

So what is Brego getting these days? For our first couple months, I thought I would keep it simple. He will have access to salt blocks so I will not be adding an electrolyte. I will take additional electrolytes with me to shows or camping but he won't need them everyday. I will keep him on a joint supplement and Glanzen 3 because it provides additional fats.

In a previous post, I talked about trying to reach the magic 20% fat ratio in Brego's feed. The new barn will feed our custom blend mentioned before, and the Glanzen 3 supplement will provide additional fats.

I am excited to see how it all works out! Yay for someone else feeding Brego twice a day! And yay for SmartPaks!


Ligeda said...

Forget my previous answered it! :)

Daun said...

Let me know if you have any other questions. I am happy to share what I have learned so far. Feeding is more of an art than science and I am always learning something new!

Ligeda said...

Hi, I am enjoying your blog. I am going to adopt a draft next spring after my husband and I move. I really don't want to get one and then have to ship it so far. I also hate to look for boarding from afar. It is so important to go look at a place and meet everyone. Keep writing, I am totally enjoying it. Lig

Anonymous said...

I too have a Percheron VERY similar to yours. He also has had issues with coat. I read in Horse Journal about the copper thing and have started him on a supplement. I am attempting to find one he will eat despite the fact that eating is his favorite thing to do. Where are you located? I show him in dressage out of Waco. I have hunted before but distance is a problem with doing it very often. They are an amazing breed and do surprise everyone who sees him that he is so willing and capable. I have fallen in love with this breed!!!