Sunday, February 7, 2010

He Lives!

Where has the winter gone? I am quite ashamed to say that I have ridden Brego a total of three times since the new year. But each time, he is relaxed and fun and as smart as ever. The boy remembers everything, and unlike last year, I am not worried that we will be behind once Spring truly arrives. We will do just fine, with maybe some special care taken to conditioning.

A terrible photo, but not a bad ride, considering...

I've been battling a virus myself, so getting back in the saddle today was a good test of my own abilities. We went across the street to the indoor for the first time this season and did some walk/trot/canter. Nothing too crazy. We finished with some nice simple changes. Brego is definitely not as strong as he was at the end of last season, lurching a bit into the canter, carrying himself a little low, but his brain was sharp and his overall fitness was good. No heavy breathing, no sweating, soft jaw, plenty of go. He really is so much better since his Lyme treatment, both mentally and physically.

Only a couple more months until we begin our training for real. Hopefully, we will get some snow to cover the frozen ground and we can continue our fun rides. He's been doing well with skijoring practice, but no photo evidence exists, unfortunately.

Until then, we'll just muddle through and every ride this winter will be a gift.