Sunday, January 20, 2008

Fun on the Trail

After our grueling dressage lesson yesterday, we decided to stretch our sore muscles on the trail. I took the little camera along to give everyone an idea of the types of trail work we do here in the Hill Country. Even though Brego had broken one of his boots last ride, I whipped out the duct tape and taped the boots on. Very fashionable and almost lasted the entire ride.

Since his feet have been doing so well, I think I will save the boots for multi-day rides and continue to condition his feet to the rocky trails.

We did the "short" loop today at 6 miles and found a couple of obstacles to jump, just to keep things interesting.

I have a call in to my jumping training to work on that jumping over my leg. Yikes! I need to get that fixed before the show season for both beauty and safety.

And of course, I tried to get pictures of my riding partner jumping, but Brego has to be the center of attention. He's such a camera hog.

We are forecasted to get lots of rain this week which will really help the ground conditions. I will start canter sets with Brego in the next couple of weeks and I am hoping for softer ground.

I hope everyone else had an equally horsey weekend!

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