Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Once Again

Ok, once again I am in the position to defend my actions and decisions regarding Brego's discomfort. I urge everyone who reads this blog and thinks they know the whole story to reconsider.

Jennifer and others, please do not think my decision to take my matters private have much, if anything, to do with you. It's totally acceptable to challenge, it's not acceptable to make assumptions. I get emails every day from people who say more damning things than asking if my horse is rearing because he is uncomfortable. For whatever reason, people think some pretty horrific things about my character because I have the audacity to ride my draft horse as a sport horse. And I get to hear about it. All the time. So much is said outside of the realm of this blog, and that's the price you pay for having a public presence. Which is something I mean to correct. Out of respect to my readers, I wrote the last post letting them know I was working on some issues and that I would be out of contact. I did not just fade away and let people wonder if Brego is ok. I decided to be honest.

Secondly, Brego is not chronically sore. He is not suffering sitting in my pasture. He is not moving as well as I know he can. Which is not OK, but there's a big difference between where he is and *suffering*. And please do not assume I have given up. The implication that I am not pursuing treatment due to not wanting to spend money is beyond ridiculous. I have spent more on this horse than some people make as an annual income, getting custom tack, custom treatments, all to make him happy in his work. I have an appointment with a chiro, xrays are planned, I am working with my farrier whom I trust. I have looked into draft farriers and been worried about the "big hitch" shoes. Walking and trotting in a straight line, Brego is totally fine. How many farriers in the US can claim they shoe drafts for sport?? Do you really think that someone who shoes the big hitches in scotch bottom shoes understands the breakover at a gallop, the twisting of tight turns on the hunt, or the impact of jumping? Do any of my readers live in the area, have interviewed draft farriers and know what kind of expertise is available to me?

I obsess over ever detail of my horse and his way of going. His current situation is so subtle that most people would not see it, which does not make it right, but I think should lessen the hysteria that I am doing nothing but letting him rot in a field.

I am being very active to make Brego feel 100%. I am just not doing it publicly anymore, because no matter what I say or write, I cannot win. And again, this is not directed at the people that have the courage to sign their names to their comments, but those who attack for no other purpose than to erode my confidence in my ability to care for my horse. I find it quite remarkable that when we are doing well and winning, I hear nothing but positives about my care and ability to maintain my horse. But when he gets foot sore due to a ridiculous year which is affecting thousands of horses in the area (read COTH or Equisite sometime), then all of a sudden I am too cheap, stubborn, ignorant, vet-hating, quitter, etc, to care for my horse.

A little benefit of the doubt goes a long way.


Susan and Becca the Percheron said...

Dear Daun,
I am so sorry that you took the constructive suggestions in a way they were so not intended. I think all of us on this blog have shown great interest and support to you through both your ups and downs. Sometimes another set of eyes on a problem can help. Certainly that is what I and from what I can gather from others who have offered helpful ideas have tried to do for you.
We horse people are like that. There is no "I" or "ego" in horse.
But among horse lovers there is alot of real caring and concern. I hope someday you will come to see how much of that was offered to you by your readers who cared a great deal about you and your beloved horse Brego.
I wish you and Brego nothing but the best.

Daun said...

Susan, honestly I do appreciate you. My comments are not directed at you.

I agree, there is no ego in sussing horse problems, but there is a lot of judgment about my current situation, for who knows what reason, that I am tired of dealing with.

The kind of emails I get are not about caring horse people offering constructive comments. And for what purpose? I make no money off this blog, it's incredibly time consuming, and I am not so cold hearted as to not care when strangers accuse me of breaking down my horse. I am consulting with professionals and people I trust, trying to work through this issue. I am not longer consulting with the anonymous internet at large.

I know you will understand.

Jennifer said...


You must be pretty popular, then. Sorry people are emailing & upsetting you.

I can't relate - ain't nobody emailing me & telling me how to care for my boys.

Best wishes for you & Brego both.

Jennifer said...


I have followed your blog for a while and have never been moved to comment until now.
Why not take your blog from "open to everyone" to "for allowed people only". This way, those that DO support you and Brego can continue to do so while those that are not so supportive will not have the chance to be negative. That's what I'd do!
Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

I wish people had an ounce of your horsesense, Daun. I wish people understood the amazing horsewoman you are, and the incredible depths you go to take care of your horses and ensure that not only is Brego sound, but Brego is happy, and comfortable, and doing things that no one ever thought he could.

The amount of care you put into your horses is more than admirable. You're always open to try new things and listen to new ideas, but you test them in the best way possible--by running them through Brego. Brego is your testament, the living proof that you can do incredible things, Daun. How many people can do what you and he can, on horses who are lighter, faster, and built for the sport? How many people are struggling, how many horses are fighting, when Brego is tackling his jumps with some kind of boyish glee?

What gets me most is that anyone would ever question your character. I have thought, on numerous occasions and even in daily situations, 'how would Daun handle this situation?' You are so professional in everything that you do that I can only hope to attest to the same level one day! You are such a genuine, honest woman--to think you would ever be offended of the truth or constructive advice is ludicrous to me.

Being as young as I am, I am honored and terribly lucky to have found such a person as a role model; thank you.

Do what you need to; we will always be behind you 100% of the way!

Now That's A Trot! said...

I've followed your adventures with Brego for a while, although I don't comment much. I think it's a shame that people can't play nice, because anyone who has followed along for more than a few entries can see that you do everything you can for the big boy. You frequently mention how his size effects your approach to fitness, training, and maintenance, and you consider everyday things that many other riders overlook, or never even think about. I don't think Brego could ask for a better partner.

You are in the unique position of riding both a draft and an eventer -- it doesn't happen often, because few people understand the needs of both kinds of horse -- and so there exists a bit of uncharted territory. Regardless, I think you put in a great amount of compassion and research into your program. Brego quite obviously loves his job, and I don't think you ever ask him of anything unfair.

Ignorance is an ugly thing. I can understand why you may not want to blog for the meantime, but please don't take those overly critical people to heart.

Marissa said...

Take all the time you need. Trust yourself, ignore the dissenters. I am sure you are doing what is right for you and your horse. If and when you decide to resume the blog, though, many of us will be very happy to continue to hear about Brego's success.

Alexa said...

I've enjoyed reading about you and Brego for about a year now, though this is my first time commenting. I don't have horses now, although hopefully I will in the future.

I just wanted to say that I'm sorry you're being treated this way. In every post it has been very clear to me how much you love Brego and how seriously you take his health. It's obvious you spare no expense to keep him healthy and sound. I'm sorry some nincompoops are harassing you.

Aced: said...

I don't know that I've ever commented but I've been reading this blog from the begining, living vicariously through you since my dream is to have a draft or draft cross eventer. I enjoy reading everything you say, and your posts on Brego's dressage work are far more in depth and perceptive then nearly every other blog that I read, and your doing it with a draft! It is so painfully obvious that you care for horses with every available resource i wish i could be as in tune with my horse as you show you are every day with Brego

I'm not going to lie, I'll be sad when the posts stop coming but I'd much rather you and Brego and your farm be doing well then you having to deal with all the stupid people in the world publicly.

and, I just have to say it, I'm also in New England at a very large facility and I don't think a single horse has made it through this year without one problem-cracks, and soreness, and puffiness, its one thing after another around us even though our horses have very good care.. the rain, the cold, the heat, there's no consistancy and its taking a toll on all the horses. But I guess you would have to live in New England to realize just how inconsistant it is!

I hope your future is bright and as drama free as is enjoyable and I do hope you come back to blogging-with what will obviously be the sucess story of the year!

Anonymous said...


I'm a long time lurker and experienced horse-person. I rarely read comments and have not read the comments from your previous post - but I'll just say that it is clear that you are very dedicated to Brego and offer him the best of care. I've worked in international level show barns that don't care for their horses the way you care for yours. It's very unfortunate that the horse world seems to breed or attract large numbers of people that have little experience and even less common sense but insist on putting other people down. Best of luck to you and Brego, I'm sure you will make the right choices, hard though they may be.

MARGIE said...


Please don't let those knuckleheads keep the rest of us from following you and Brego. Were it not for you, Montana and I wouldn't be doing what we are today. We raise plenty of eyebrows when I tell them that my draft does dressage and eventing. Even at the lower levels, people like to think they "know everything". Then we kick their butts in every class. My horse is as happy a horse as I've ever seen. Girl, you just keep on, Brego is in the best place, with the best care, we love ya.

manymisadventures said...

I just wanted to add another voice to the chorus of support.

I love following you and Brego - I think you're tremendously cool and I completely respect the way you care for your horse. You're very careful and proactive and always thinking about what you could be doing better. I would trust you in a heartbeat with the care of my own horses, and that's saying something ;)

It seems like you really have a tough time with naysayers, which is a bummer. I sure appreciate reading about you guys, so I'll be looking forward to your return. Hope you can get things figured out with Brego's feet soon.

Boots and Saddles 4 Mel said...

I too am a long time reader, first time poster. I will be sad to see the posts stop. If you will consider making the blog private, I would love to be on the list. You are doing something "different" and I like it. FWIW I got the same comments when I was competing a Standardbred in endurance in the midst of a bunch of arabs...

Golden the Pony Girl said...

Love the blog and sorry to see that you are having these issues with poor Brego. I hope you find a solution that makes Brego and you happy. I deeply regret that people via the internet have once again stuck their nose where it does not belong.
Thanks for the good reads on my lunch break!

Best wishes

blogfourfiveone said...

Don't let the crazies get you down! You know what is best for you and your horse, or you'll find out, and if you need to take time away from the blog to take care of him then for crying out loud, do it!
I'm excited to hear how it all turns out :)

Maybe Mae said...

I don't even know you in real life but ever since finding your blog, I have looked up to you and have appreciated your thoughtful, intelligent, and very thorough analysis on anything related to horse care. It absolutely stuns me that some people can't see that. When I think about where I'd like to ultimately be one day, and how I'd work with horses, I couldn't think of a better role model than you and all that you have done with Brego!

I understand you need some time away from blogging, and I support that and wish you well until we can hear from you again. But I have to admit I am irritated that a few losers are wrecking it for the rest of us.

OnTheBit said...

I know what you mean about getting lots of imput with your blog. Sometimes I feel like writting to these people asking if they think I don't know anything myself. The horse I am leasing has stiffle issues, which I have mentioned on the blog. Because I write that everyone and their brother has to jump in and tell me how to "fix the problem". As if I don't have a careful plan already in place with professionals involved!

And don't feel bad about the foot thing. The weather is CRAZY this year. My TB has been shoe free for 3 years now with no issues, but because it has been so wet this summer his feet are getting some chips. He has fantastic feet and has never had an issue before now. And the horse I lease has always been barefoot and very sure footed. He is part draft and has nice big feet. He is showing signs of being a little owie on the rocks and such...which he has never been like in his life.

I am sure you will take your time with Brego and get him back where you want him to be. I love having a blog and sharing my horses with people all over the world. At the end of the day they are mine though and I can just turn off the computer. It is a beautiful thing!

And don't forget that opinons are like assholes

JJ said...

I have been following your blog with Brego for quite a while now and have never commented, mostly because I have nothing to add really. =) I just enjoy hearing about your adventures. I too went through a year of soreness issues with my mare, and it got to the point where I was almost ready to sell her because of all the criticism I got from everyone who KNEW everything I was doing was wrong. I finally got my mare figured out, and the naysayers have finally faded in the background, but it was a very trying time for me. I admire you greatly and wish you luck with Brego!

SprinklerBandit said...

I'm sorry people have been making derogatory comments. Best of luck with your boy.

PS I think it's the coolest thing ever that you ride a draft horse.

Jean said...

Oh, no! If you stop posting, all I will do is worry about how Brego is doing.

This year the weather has been dreadful for feet. I hope you can find a good resolution to Brego's issues. It's so frustrating when he has come so far and done so well as an eventer and hunter.

Are there farriers who specialize in using drafts for sport somewhere? You are so right that it might require specialized shoes or some other protective alternative.

My email is available through my google account, but here it is If you find an answer for Brego, I would really appreciate an update. Otherwise I will be, as I said, just worrying about you both.

Some people just never think of the person on the other side of a post. It is one great fault of the Internet as a means of communication. So sorry you have been hurt by other people's comments.

Dragonfly Draft Dressage & Combined Training said...

I too show and event a draft sport horse (only my guy is 19:2hh and 2600lbs)I don't know if you have looking into the flex-step rubber shoes yet I haven't used these yet but I'm looking into them for the 2010 show season. I don't think others can truly understand the special needs of the draft sport horse, these are athletes and require special attention to every detail of their care and like athletes their "footwear" make or break them. I have to tell you I LOVE reading your blog as I feel a certain "kinship" with you and Brego..I will truly miss you! Please know that if I can be of any help in any way please don't hesitate to contact me, I would LOVE to be of any assistance to you and your big boy.

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

Brego has the best mom ever.

Wiola said...

Hello Daun,
I am so sorry you are in this situation :( I hope you do come back and post, I've learned so much from your blog and will be sad not to see your updates.
All the best to you and Brego,

Ally said...


Like many of the comments above me, I think this is the first time that I have commented but I have been reading religiously for the past year.

What a shame it is that people can't be civil and mind their own business. I'm not going to ask you to continue blogging because it is obviously the best decision for you right now. However, I would like to say that you and Brego will be greatly missed. I found your blog about a year ago after finding your youtube channel and I saw the videos and was shocked at how similar Brego is to my percheron gelding. Even though I don't know you, I feel like we have been through all of the same ups and downs as far as people not understanding what drafts can do and how they do it. It was nice to have someone to relate to, and even though you're not blogging I'll still be thinking of you and Brego! Always remember that you're not alone in this crazy sport-draft discriminant world! There are many of us who have been under the same scrutiny, and I promise that you will get through it! Best wishes for the future and thanks for a really fantastic blog!

Anonymous said...

We love Brego! We love Daun! Best to both of you - we hope to hear from you again when the naysayers have been left in the dust!

JeniQ said...

I'm so sorry that people have to be stupid. I avidly read your posts as I too bought a heavy draft for trail riding. Rosie is a Percheron/Belgium cross. She's 16.5 HH and about 1800 LBS at 5 yrs old so I am still going to get some growth.

The first time I lunged Rosie I realized I had a pretty special horse. She just floats, natural round and forward. Then mounted up and moved into a trot and a grin spread across my face and I think it's still there. She has made me want to compete again after 20+ years.

I've been really paying attention to Brego's hoof issues and your trials and tribulations with him as our weather in Ohio has been VERY wet as well and both my girls are showing the signs. I've been watching your posts and gathering information to discuss with my trainer and farrier.

I do understand and respect your decisions. Good luck with Brego and I pray for drier weather so everyone's feet can dry out.

I've learned so much from your posts. Thank you!

Shane said...

Daun, I too am sorry to hear that you are receiving such negative feedback about your commitment and your judgment. Unfortunately, there are dissenters in every sport and horse sports might have even more. I do hope that you will continue to blog. I, like so many others, read your blog frequently though I have never posted. I own a little TB who is far more talented than me at eventing, but he is a kind and patient teacher. I know every week that I make several mistakes due to my own ignorance, but that's common in all walks of life; we learn more as we go, and as we learn, we become better practioners. I have learned a lot from your blog, and your commitment inspires me. I recently suggested your blog to a fellow boarder who has a Perch/TB cross that she is training to be an eventer. For her sake and mine, keep blogging. Your experiences reach farther than you know.

Anonymous said...

Dear Daun,

I have followed your Brego and your insightful horse sense since last year. Your site inspired me to buy a Percheron. I have never been so happy with a horse.

I am so sorry to hear that your shoe experience was not good. My girl is so much better in front shoes, that I wouldn't go back. These are not the hitch type shoes, but custom built out of a straight piece of iron by a master farrier. They look just like everyone else's shoes, just lots bigger.

Beckz said...

I'm sorry this is happening Daun, your care of Brego has always been above and beyond, I'm sorry that some people feel free to judge without the full story. It's hard for you because you are forging a new path and going against the grain and there really is no precendent for you to follow. FWIW I think you do superb job

Bev said...

Show me the numb skulls who are making this more difficult than it already is and I'll beat 'em up!

Just kidding.

For selfish reasons I wish you didn't need a hiatus but understand and support your reasons. Like DressageInJeans (doesn't she rock??!!!!), I often ask myself, "How would Daun approach this?" and it makes total sense that I would. When I first got Jack, there wasn't anybody else I knew who wanted to do the same things as I did with a draft. Thankfully I had a friend who stumbled upon your blog and pointed me in the right direction.

As long as it takes me to write a comment, I can't begin to fathom the amount of time you've given to your blog and certainly can't thank you enough for sharing your life with Brego.

When times are better, please come back. There are people out here who've become better horse owners thanks to you.

Ashlee said...

Daun, much like many people have said, I've been following your blog for very long without really commenting. Its a complete shock to me to hear about this hidden world you're subject to through anonymous comments and emails. I always thought it was a helpful and appreciative audience you had that offered only constructive criticism and praise. I never knew you were subject to that kind of slander- and I am so incredibly shocked. I agree with many people here that what you do for your horses, what you give up and sacrifice, is an awe to many, including me. All I know of you, and Brego, though is what you write here and from just that I can tell just what kind of horse owner you are- the ones that beat themselves up over every little thing that happens to their horses, the ones that will starve to give their horses the best care possible- even if it isn't needed, the ones that put their horses and animals before ANYTHING else; the GREAT ones. I know Brego couldn't be in ANY better hands. You do more for him and your mare than what many "horse lovers" would never dream of. Please, please, don't let those that don't understand, those that don't have the knowledge to back up their claims, beat you down. PLEASE. You honestly are one of the riders I look up to. You're research for everything to make Brego as comfortable as can me, it amazes me every time I check in for an update. You micro-manage his diet, something that seems so complex and confusing to me, to the minute detail. You condition him to the minute, but listen to him also- letting him tell you. I think, from experience, thats one of the hardest things to learn- to really listen to your horse. It can only happen with trust, and many, many, can't do that. If I could be half the dedicated horse owner you are, you have no idea how happy that would make me. Just please, Daun, while I understand the break - and support it, please don't let these outrageous comments beat you down - AT ALL. PLEASE.

Serena said...

I want to echo everyone here. I am SO sorry that you are getting slammed this way. Don't listen to the naysayers--you know your horse better than anyone and you know how to properly care for him better than anyone.

We'll miss you! :(

To all the people who e-mailed you negative comments: Thanks, KNOW-IT-ALL JERKS WHO RUINED IT FOR EVERYONE ELSE. >:( I want to slap your collective faces off.

Roxie is super-pissed that she won't get to heer about her boyfriend for a while. But she unnerstands. :)

Albigears said...

Huh. To be completely honest, when I read your blog I think wow, here's someone that's overprotective and a tad obsessive about the comfort of her big guy.

I personally like reading the ups AND downs of others' blogs. It's somehow comforting to know you're not the only one who had a bad ride this week. Or that your bit/shoes/saddle etc. aren't working like you hoped. To get ideas on what other people are doing to fix things.

I think it takes some courage, but more an innate knowing that you ARE doing your best for your horse when you post the 'bad' stuff.

And there will always be people out there that are unsure of themselves, or have low self-esteem, or whatever that make them want to sound all-knowing and authoritative. I think it gives them a sense of power. You will rarely EVER see these people post anything on the internet where they might be judged.

CaitStClair | A Peachy Bride said...

I'm so sorry some people are so awful. The anonymity of the internet makes people think they can do some very inappropriate things. I had no idea you were getting that sort of crap and hope it stops soon.
Do what you need to do and we'll be eagerly waiting for your return.
Best wishes and good luck!
- Caitlan

Carie said...


I'm not a super committed reader, but I do enjoy catching up on your trials and tribulations when I have a chance.

Having ridden (and evented) multiple large draft crosses I sincerely enjoy hearing you catalog the highs and lows, and unique challenges that big giant sporthorses present. I am dismayed to hear that you are getting such negative feedback. I hope that you are not taking it to heart too much.

The fact that as an owner you are aware, sensitive and concerned enough to notice subtle changes in your horse's movement and attitude puts you WELL beyond a majority of horse owners.

Additionally, I would hope that your critical readers learn to appreciate that your dialogue on various attempts at solutions (both successes and failures) is not only typical, but informative and honest. I don't know a single owner out there who hasn't had to keep going to bat (over, and over, and over again) in order to set things right with their animals.

Keep your head up and leg on, and I know that you'll find a solution for Brego's feet (and hopefully for those few pessimistic readers..)

McFawn said...


Just ignore the naysayers and keep doing what you're doing. Because people can be anonymous online, it breeds rude comments from troubled people who get offended by anyone with any confidence or success.

Your blog does a lot of good.

If you get an offensive/combative email (and I think you can tell the difference between that and a civil person who merely has a different opinion), delete it--don't read it to the end. Don't let it distract you from the good work and good example your blog, and your relationship with Brego, provides for readers. And just remember--there are lots of crazy horsepeople. My dad (not a horse person) claims that one in every four horsepersons is insane. So if a quarter of your readers are saying nutty/mean things, that's a pretty typical ratio for the horse world!

McFawn said...

On a personal note, your blog helps me stay in horses after my horse's premature death last year. I find a lot of the horse world painful to interact with since the loss, but your blog cheers me up and reminds me that someday--someday--I'll be ready to commit to a horse (the way you're committed to Brego) again.

The Paladin said...

Dear Daun, Lass, you have to understand some people think they know it all ( NOT! ) Nuf Said ? Now, in reading what you put into your life with your buddy ( Brego ) I Believe you are doing everything possible for him and you to get full pleasure for you both on the hunt. This is most important for him as well as you. So please continue as you are , he could not ask for a better partner to ride the trails of life with !

Elizabeth said...

I just have to add my voice to the others who want to show you your support. I've been in your position-- when you make your thoughts and decisions public it can have good OR bad results. I've gotten great advice and made new friends through the internet, and I've also been accused of neglect, theft, and a host of other nasty horse-related things. So I sympathize with you greatly.

I really enjoy reading your blog and find it inspirational as well as informative (I am the new owner of a half-Perch gelding I hope to event... someday, lol) and will be disappointed if you go... but understanding. Best of luck in anything you choose to do... and tell Brego that he has a buddy named Moose in BC who says hi :D

Anonymous said...


You don't know me, but I've been reading your blog for a while now. It is clear that you always do your very best for Brego, which is all anyone can ever do for a horse. You make an effort to educate yourself on equine health topics that affect your horse, and you consider all of your options. Your horse clearly comes first in your mind and your heart. Do what you need to do with the blog, but, no matter what, trust that you are doing right by Brego. That's really all that matters.

I must say, though, blog or no blog, there will always be jerks out there who think they know what is best for your horse. Heck, my own trainer (now ex-trainer) recently got mad at me for calling the vet for what turned out to be a very serious injury and told me that the last person who called the vet themselves (instead of having her call) ended up with a dead horse. Yep. And this was a trainer I had known for, oh, 16 years. And I called the regular vet - not some random person. AND, I was RIGHT about the injury! Okay, rant over.

So, I guess what I'm saying is "chin up" and ignore the jerks. It is way more rewarding to just focus on Brego, I'd imagine. :)

sally said...

Daun you are an inspiration to many of us. I have followed your blog closely as here in NZ many of the hunters are draft crosses. Your posts have added great information for those of us who ride heavier bred horses. Look after you are Brego ....ignore the negative and we hope to hear from you in the future

The Equus Ink said...

Wanted to add to the comments..

Since reading you blog, it's been obviously clear that you are thorough with anything Brego. You're always trying to find the best solution and options in not only the health of Brego, but training as well.

It's never crossed my mind that you would be anything less than a thorough, horsewomen with a big heart for all the horse-keeping and training aspects of ownership!

It's so difficult to deal with negitive comments that you know may come from a place of not so great intentions. You want to acknowledge and listen to what people say but it's hard to look past the fact that no matter how much people think they know about the WHOLE situation, they don't know everything.. People need to take that into account before making blunt suggestive statments and comments.

Julia said...

I just saw the article about you in the USEA magazine and I was so excited! I have a Friesian/Percheron who I take novice and he is my baby. We have so much fun out on cross-country...I always know he's taking care of me and having just as much fun as I am. Everyone's always surprised that I can make it around x-c without any time penalties! I was an incredibly timid rider and finding Khan saved my riding career. He is the sweetest tempered horse in the world. I've never seen another draft type at a show and I am so glad you're talking about your experience with Brego. He is beautiful and you can be sure I am rooting for you guys!

dp said...

Sartre said it best: Hell is other people (though I think he said it en Francais)

Anonymous said...

I'm another anonymous who has throughly enjoyed your blog and your thought process on what is good for Brego. I hope you keep writing and sharing your experiences with both your horse and farm.

All I see is a loving, caring, well educated horse lover. Brego is lucky to have you.

phaedra96 said...

Daun. I have been reading your blog for awhile, mainly because I love Percherons and to see what they can do other than draft and hitch. It never would have occurred to me to question what you do with your horse; let alone try to tell you what to do with your horse. I am so sorry that there are people out there who think they have that right. Please, if nothing else make your blog private so those of us who would like to follow your progress may do so. If you should do that, please send me an invite.

Joanne (Jo) L. Belasco, Esq. said...


I have been away from your blog, as I just relocated to CO from NM with my nonprofit, which includes 8 horses. I am saddened to see that you may stop blogging.

YOU are the only one who knows your horse. People who really care can offer help, but they do not know the situation. They are not living it every single moment as you are. People who criticize certainly don't know it. Only you do. You continue to make the best decisions for Brego at the time, using the best resources available to you. That is what we do when we love our horse friends. You may have to make the decision to sell him, it appears from one of your entries, and if you do, I know it will be for Brego and for what is good for him, no matter how much it hurts you. Hopefully, it won't come to that. As others have said in the comments, you are doing the best job that anyone can in your situation. Brego is very lucky to have you.

Please do not stop blogging about your journey with Brego, no matter where it leads you both. For people who are nay-sayers, please just delete their comments. Don't even read them through entirely. Once you see they are being abusive, just delete them. The same with email. We live in an abusive society, and people seem to think that the Internet gives them free rein to be as abusive as they like. It does not. No one deserves to be abused. Just delete comments and email. Block their comments and email addies.

Don't let them win by driving you off of your blog. For that is what they want. They want to be heard above everyone else. They have no right to that. If they don't like the way you are treating Brego, they can simply not read the blog. If they choose to read it and comment or email you, then they are subject to you ignoring them and blocking their comments.

I wish you and Brego the best, and I hope that we can continue to read your entries here.

Anonymous said...

Dear Daun,
I am so sad to hear that you have once again received so much negative attention. Some folks just have to let their anger rule online. I am still upset about losing Kathy Sierra and Creating Passionate Users because of serious online ugliness, and it's been years since she gave up her site. No one should be subject to such harrassment.
Anyway, I hope that you keep the blog up so we can continue to have your writing as a resource. I have learned so much from you and I don't think anyone could take care of Brego like you do. Thanks for all you have given us.

Laura said...

Well, might as well chime in... I've been reading for a while and it is very clear that you are very knowledgeable and willing to do whatever it takes to make Brego comfortable and able to move and work to the best of his ability.

Too bad the naysayers and losers out there are ruining blogging for you and for us! :-) Your attention to detail is obvious and I wish that I half of your knowledge and feel for how your horse moves.

Hope you and the big guy continue to do well.

Claire said...

Hi Daun,

Long time reader, first time commenter... You and Brego are an inspiration to me, and according to the comments above, you inspire most of the people that have commented. Take the time you need to heal Brego and for you to recover from the unsolicited, indelicate advice and comments, and then please invite us back to share your experiences. I've really enjoyed being a bystander in your world.

When one of my wonderful, old OTTB's passes, my next horse is going to be a Percheron cross. I just get weak in the knees I find them so beautiful!

I wish you all the best!

Anonymous said...

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