Monday, March 1, 2010

Cross-post: Wind Storm 2010

I haven't been doing much riding, but I have been doing MUCH living! Some of you may have heard that New England was hit by a fairly big storm last week. At the peak, 1 million people were without power.

The animals rode out the storm just fine, but my nerves were a little frayed by the end of it. Brego was very brave and sane and for that I am always thankful. Things could have been much worse.

I wrote up my experience on the farm blog. If you want to hear about the closest I have ever come to a full out panic, check it out.

I hope everyone else is safe, warm, and doing well. I should be back in training by the end of the month, once the snow goes away!


sally said...

I have been reading about the snow storms over your way here in NZ in our local newspaper. You must be totally sick of the winter. Just think of all the gorgeous summer days ahead for you and Brego.

Jean said...

Posted a comment about the storm on the farm blog.

I am soooooo glad you came through it all with minor damage. We lucked out here with the wind, but got the snow instead.

I was ready to fire up my generator, but lucked out that way too.

Brego is a brave boy. His solid attitude is wonderful.