Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Next Chapter

For the past year, Brego has enjoyed semi retirement, ruling the roost on our small farm.  He worked maybe once a week, trail rides mostly, and grew quite rotund on our grass.  He owes me nothing, and although sound and relatively young, I was quite happy to keep him in semi retirement.  But then Brego started to say he was bored, he was done with the life of leisure and he started acting out.  It’s funny, when I retired my 24 year old TB mare, she flipped me the bird on her way out to pasture and never looked back.  She doesn’t miss work in the slightest.  But Brego definitely started to show signs, not at first, but more frequently.  He’s quite clever and loves being the center of attention.  Things were suddenly too quiet around the farm without his adoring fans everywhere he went.

Earlier this year, I started a new company of my own, and it consumes a lot of my time.  The other chunk of time is dedicated to keeping my fitness, having promised my body I would never let it rot for a decade again.  And the final slices are devoted to bringing my OTTB along.  I have a multi year goal to finish a Training Three Day Event (before they cease to exist, I hope) and he was bought with this goal in mind.  It’s been a slow start but we’re well on our way.

All of this is to say that I knew that Brego needed attention, and I just didn’t have it.

Luckily, I had quietly stalked friends of mine in Texas and I saw a comment here and a hint there that yes, maybe, perhaps, they were starting to look for another horse.  Their wish list:
Safe, experienced foxhunter, eventer, jousting prospect.  Gelding.  Suitable for a strong male rider.  

Brego was exactly what they wanted and they were exactly what I wanted: 
Good horsemen, kind riders, trustworthy, experienced, not easily intimidated by large horses, favorable to the “off breeds”.  

Most importantly, they APPRECIATED Brego.  The horse is truly great, and they got that.

So I sent an inquiry.  Maybe, perhaps, would they be interesting in a horse like Brego?

After a flurry of emails, they happened to be in the area on vacation and got to ride Brego in a foxhunt and try him with armor.  Brego did well for them and, more importantly, he was happy to have a job and attention again.  So we finalized plans and away he went.

Brego has been such a huge part of my life and a huge part of my identity that I struggle with the decision to let him go every moment of the day.  But in the end, as much as I wanted to keep him close, it is not fair to him to let him get so out of shape and let him get so bored.  With his new owners, he will get the best care, stay fit, and get to have many adventures. And when the time comes when he decides he has had enough and is ready to flip the bird on the way out to pasture, my fields are waiting for him, if his new owners so choose.

So ends the Brego blog, but the good news is that Brego’s new owners maintain a blog of their own and update it frequently.  So to stay current on all things Brego, please head over there.

I have met a lot of amazing people through this blog and although the blog fell silent, I count them all as friends.  Thanks for the opportunity to share a little slice of my life and for joining me on this incredible journey.

All the best,