Saturday, September 8, 2007

Jumping Lesson, Redux

Brego and I had our last jumping lesson before the show this weekend. Our focus was on balancing Brego for turns and assessing his striding. He did very well and I caught most of the fun on tape. (I apologize in advance for my grand movie editing experiment).

One hiccup was that Brego is deathly afraid of barrels. I suppose he has had a terrible barrel-racing incident in his past. Anyway, we might see barrels as fences next weekend, so I wanted to school them. Luckily, all of that footage made the cutting room floor. He sucked back from the barrels and we had refusals and fences knocked down. General Mayhem. All very uncharacteristic of Brego. He ended up jumping the barrels in an acceptable fashion but I have committed to schooling him over them for the rest of the week. I am also going to scrape together any other funny looking jumps I can as well.

The weather outlook looks good for the show, so we're full steam ahead for the rest of the week.

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