Thursday, September 13, 2007

Show Prep

I decided to roach Brego's mane before the show. The constant need for braiding was becoming tedious. Plus his mane was getting really frazzled and burnt from his sweat and the sun. It's been really warm the last two weeks and his mane turned bright orange. Yuck.

I think he looks pretty nice with a military cut. Plus, no braiding! Woohoo! Now I can focus on memorizing my course instead!

I practiced my dressage test yesterday and we did pretty well. I am not sure why my arms are spasticly moving so much, so I have a call in to one of my trainers to critique the video and tell me how to stop it. It's a little, er, distracting. This test shows some of the big improvements we've made since the last time we attempted it. Notice how he picks up the canter on time, if not early, instead of two letters too late. He also seems to be rounding down nicely through most of the test, even with the scary horse eating barrel in the corner. And his halt is crooked but he sticks it. I think we will have a decent showing. I am not expecting super results, but anything below 50 would be a pleasant surprise for me.

We leave for the show tomorrow so I will try to have an update on Sunday or Monday.

Wish us luck!


Anonymous said...

Good luck! I am glad you won't read this before the show b/c you will have enough to think about. I watched the video and I think you should ask your trainer if they think your stirrups are a bit long. Like any good eventer you are better at the canter than the trot! hahaha. One little trick that has worked for me. To put a little piece of baling twine on your d-rings. Make them long enough so that when you hook your pinky finger through, your hands are in the right place. It will hold your hands in place and you will become aware of how much you are moving them...or wanting to. Second, try to push your belly button towards the pinky finger anchor. It will sit your butt in the saddle as you post. If you notice when you post you tip forward with your upper body when you should post with your belly button first. It will be hard to get at first but it will make your hands independent.

Daun said...

Thanks for your very insightful and constructive comment! You are dead on with your advice, my jumping trainer has been telling me to sit in my post and my dressage trainer has been after my belly button as well. And I am going to try to sort out my hand issue as you recommended. My hands have always been bad, puppy dog looking, but this weird bouncing is a recent development. I am hoping to get it fixed sooner than later!

Thanks again!