Friday, October 19, 2007

Long Awaited Update

My apologies to everyone for not posting regularly. There is no need to worry, Brego is doing very well. I have been very busy starting a new job. I write software for a local company and starting at a new place is always time-consuming and stressful. But we're entering prime showing season, so I promise there will be lots of updates.

Brego continues to improve since our last dressage lesson two weeks ago. He has a new "Go" button installed and I experimented with a drop cheek waterford bit. It might be a good cross-country bit, but neither Brego nor myself like it for "finesse" work, so it's back to the french-link egg butt. I just never saw the intended benefits and it caused him to stiffen his jaw in turns. Oh well, live and learn.

Tonight, Brego got his first ever body clip. It's been unseasonably warm (like 90 degrees) and he is in full winter coat mode. So I gave him a conservative trace cut, in preparation of all the activities we have planned. Since it was also my first ever body clip, I was pretty nervous it would be a debacle and Brego would overcome with embarrassment if we ever left the farm. I used half a carton of dried mango strips to condition him to the noisy body clippers so I was able to get the job done in about 2 hours with no twitch or tranquilizers. What a good boy! We even got interrupted because the farm was hosting a big event and dozens of well-dressed visitors toured the barn and stopped to admire Brego. He put on his hungriest face and was a total ham.

After all the clipping, I had Brego try on his Halloween costume. We're entering a show next weekend with a costume class. I won't give away what we're going as yet, but I took a picture as a sneak preview.

Here's a rundown of our activities, so stay tuned, I am about to make up for my long silence with lots of Brego-vision news!

  • October 20 - Dressage Lesson, Where to Go after you have Go?
  • October 21 - Cross Country Schooling
  • October 27 - Indian Creek Schooling Show, Jumping/Dressage/Costume class
  • November 2-4 - Eventing clinic in Dallas with Rainey Andrews (woohoo!!!)
  • November 10 - Brego and Daun go foxhunting. Yep. Foxhunting.
  • November 17 - Dressage Fall Formal show
It's a busy month, plus I am trying to put together a Halloween costume, proper hunting attire, and proper dressage attire. Anyone have a large wool Dressage coat they want to loan me??? Darn, horse clothes are expensive!

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