Saturday, October 20, 2007

Still Not Black

I wrote earlier about the contents of Brego's SmartPak. Well, I have succumbed to vanity and also added Blackenall. His trace clip picture really highlights just how browned out he becomes. I need to curry out his dead summer coat and see what he does with his new vanity supplement. He's been on it a month and he's shinier than ever, but I haven't seen much improvement in the color of his coat. I will keep him on it through the winter to see what his spring coat looks like before passing too much judgment, though.

Current SmartPak:

I am also experimenting with adding Progressive feeds to their existing diet. I am mixing in both the Grass Formula and the Envision 26% fat feed. Envision has soy and flax as the fat sources and might have a higher Omega 3 content as opposed to the Omegatin which is corn-based. The Grass Formula is a balancer and has higher minerals and vitamins.

Current Feed:
I am going to be bumping up his feed in the coming weeks as the grass gives up for the year. He will go up to 4 lbs twice a day plus an extra 2-4 lbs on days he works. Right now he is on 2 lbs twice a day with no extra feed on work days. Although he looks good and is shiny, I want him to have more muscle. The usual problem with putting muscle on drafts is that people don't feed them enough because they don't want them to get fat. The way their metabolism works though, at least this is how Brego works, is that he will cannibalize muscle before you ever see a rib. So even though I can't see a rib, or even feel one honestly, he looks not quite as filled out as he should be for his breed, so I will up his feed with increased work and see what he does.

At some point, I will settle on a feed. It's a pain to get five different ingredients and mix it up. Brego eats better than I do!!

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