Monday, March 3, 2008

Official Training Begins

Sorry for the dearth of interesting or useful content. I have driven 2000+ miles to the border of New Hampshire and Maine and started my new job. Tomorrow, Brego will start his new job: "Pro" training. He will get worked three days a week at another barn (with a covered arena) by my always-excellent dressage trainer and then brought home to his pasture and Hobby for the rest of the week. It's a good thing, since the boy has gotten fat and sassy without me to remind him that he is not the King of the World.

I miss him terribly.

Next weekend, I am going to scope out the barn near where I am staying to see if we will be a good fit. He'll be living there with Hobby when he comes up in early May until I can locate and buy a farm. The plan is to find a place with a barn or have one built by next winter.

Hopefully, I can get some pictures of Brego in training to post. I can't wait to see what my trainer does with him.


jdp said...

I love this blog. I have read it from beginning to end and I think you are both fabulous. I know there won't be much posting for the next 6 weeks but please don't let this blog fall off the face of the earth. I've added it to my blogroll and I look forward to reading more of your adventures!

Daun said...

Thanks for your very warm compliments! I do intend to keep the blog going with updates from my trainer for the next month and a half. Then when Brego moves up here, there will be lots of content as we explore NH and Area 1. I am already setting my sights on an event in the fall. We were so close to being ready before I moved... it will kill me if we don't go out and compete at least once this year.
And of course, there always dressage over the winter. :)

jdp said...

I can't imagine how odd it is to move from Texas to New Hampshire. At least the summer will be better for you both, even if it's much shorter and starts much later.

I told two of my fellow horse-people about your blog today, just because it tickles me to think about someone who isn't participating in all the cliquish breed trends, to put it nicely. I write about the need to ENJOY your horse, not just use him as a reflection of your ego. That is why I love all your adventures, and the fact that through everything this year, you have been good partners to one another.
I hope your family settles in well in the Yankee world :) and look forward to hearing more in the spring.

Wiola said...

I am looking forward to "Pro'd" Brego pictures :) All the best in the new job!

Beckz said...

We missed you Daun! I really hope the move works out most excellently but I'm sure that it will.

LJB said...

Oh, welcome to New England! My mind was opened at a Mark Rashid clinic in Campton, NH, watching a talented dressage rider ride her equally talented (and gorgeous) big black horse! You are probably within relatively easy drive if you want to check him out in May when he is next here. I have a 1/2 Canadian 1/2 Perch mare, hence my interest in your blog and your adventures. Although she looks like a fine boned arab compared to your boy. I lived in Maine for years and now in VT. Again, welcome and I hope you find all you are looking for in these parts. You may be further south than I am -- it's still WINTER in these parts! *g*

Daun said...

Thanks for your welcome! Even though it is still winter here, I already love it. Just what I was looking for. Now I just need to find a farm for Brego!

Janine said...

I just happened to stumble across your blog the other day and I am SO happy to find someone who shares the same passion as I do. I recently purchased a Percheron cross (but he looks full draft) and have had a lot of similar training issues as you have with Brego. He is much younger/green, but there's definitely a lot of similarities. I would also like to do dressage or eventing with him (eventually). I have started my own blog to document training in the same format as you and I have added you as a favourite link. I would love for us to keep in touch. :) My blog is here: