Monday, March 17, 2008

Pro Training Update

Well, I am very sad to report that I do not have pictures of last week's training session. The timing didn't work out with the pick up of Brego to actually see him in training. I did however talk to my trainer and heard lots of amazing things. I also confirmed with her that we will be getting pictures next weekend. Promise.

So here's some tantalizing quotes to whet your appetite:

  • "Brego has the most beautiful collected canter when he performs walk to canter departures on the longe." [I didn't think he could even do a walk to canter departure, much less on a longe line]
  • "I got two good steps of Passage on the longe" [Wowzers!]
  • "He is the smartest horse I have ever trained."
  • "Let me know if you ever want to sell him."
  • "I need to find a girth extender for him. The girth I used last week doesn't fit him anymore."
I also got treated to a nice little story about how he jumped out of the arena from a standstill where he was turned out loose before his lesson. He the proceeded to help himself to the feed bin where the grain is house.

Brego is definitely getting a little full of himself (and unearned grain) as he goes through training. My trainer is doing a wonderful job pushing him to excel while still building his confidence.

I am flying back to Austin on April 11th and we will set out on the cross country drive to bring Brego up to New England on April 13th. On April 12th, I have one final lesson planned where my trainer will bring me up to speed on all the amazing things Brego has been learning. I must admit, I am a little overwhelmed. She's done more in two weeks than I have done in two years. I guess that's what makes her a pro!!


Janine said...

That's wonderful! Proves that our drafts are more athletic and talented or capable than a lot of people assume. And, like my own, sounds like your Brego will do almost anything for food. haha.

I will look forward to the pictures.

Beckz said...

Well take that people that says drafts aren't athletic. Sounds like he is coming on well. I bet yu miss him like crazy.