Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dressage Practice

On of the great things about turning thirty-- twenty one!, is that my family got together and bought me a Hi Definition Video camera. So now, I can post videos in startling clarity, which is either a good or a bad thing, depending on my riding that day! :)

I dub the new, better videos, Breg-o-Vision!

As a consequence, I am experimenting with alternative video hosting. So I have for your review a small series of clips from my last dressage work, complete with claps of thunder and torrential rain.

You Tube:

(If you get the option below the video to "watch in high quality", please do so for a far comparison. You may have to actually make the jump to you tube to get the option.)


Dressage Practice from Eventing Percheron on Vimeo.

Please leave a comment about your experiences, if you strongly prefer one way or another. One of these days, I am going to learn how to use all this technology to make nicer videos with better production values. But for now, a rough fade between clips was all I could manage.

Oh, yea, about the horse... :)

We worked on canter departs and upward transitions. You can see in the halt to walk how he reaches under with his hind legs. The last two canter departs were not quite there yet, a couple of trot steps, but much better.


rachel! said...

I don't have a strong preference between them. The embedded Vimeo video was better quality than the standard-quality YouTube, and I did have to go directly to YouTube to find the 'watch in high quality' option. The YouTube high quality clip and the embedded Vimeo clip seem comparable.

I don't know if YouTube is planning to add that standard/high choice to their embedded video -- maybe something to check on? Because honestly, if I can watch a video straight on your website in low-res vs. having to go to YouTube for high-res, I'd probably just watch the lower-quality one. I do like the YouTube community and being able to click over to related videos and stuff when you're actually on their site -- I can't comment on the other service because I've never looked at it before.

Regardless of which service you go with, I'm looking forward to lots more Breg-o-Vision goodness! You guys are looking awesome!

Dressage Princess said...

Hi def on Vimeo all the way!

Anonymous said...

I like the high definition on Vimeo much better.

I didn't see the option to watch hi res on YouTube and it is so much easier to have the high resolution in your post rather than having to go to YouTube and switch the setting there.

BTW, if there is a Brego fan club, Phoenix and I would like to join. Go Brego!

~ Jax

Funder said...

Your family rules - Breg-o-Vision is amazing! HD on Vimeo is my top choice, followed by embedded Vimeo (convenience), then HD on Youtube, and finally the embedded Youtube vid.

Unlike Rachel, I think I would actually click through to watch the better quality videos. Seeing the details really makes them that much better!

Anonymous said...

What an awesome b-day present! Happy belated B-day, btw! Breg-o-Vision is sweet! I like the hi def! What a difference between the two!

McFawn said...

I like the Vimeo. You look like you're getting some really solid instruction...your horse is forward, attentive and pretty darn light, too.

I just found your blog and what I appreciate about it most is that your riding career is focused on one horse and what the two of you can do, and not what YOU want to do. I think training is more interesting when you're invested deeply in one horse, and you're willing to stick with him and see how far you can go (rather than trying to move up the levels by horse-hopping)

I've had my horse 15 years and we are still chasing 19 yr former jumper/eventer TB being a third level dressage horse (that's our goal 3rd level when I'm 30 and he's 20--most people would just say get a younger horse!) is probably considered as strange as a draft eventing!

Anonymous said...

I am definitely joining the Brego fan club. :) He is so adorable! I usually don't like bigger horse--I ride and train Paints and quarter horses--but gosh, Brego is the cutest thing I've ever seen. I don't like drafts under saddle because they always seem so heavy--congrats for making him look so great!
(Also, I love love love that you don't have his head crammed onto the vertical and looking like a 'grand prix' head and neck. He looks gorgeous for this level. Bravo.)
And definitely the Vimeo. :) Much better.
Might I add--I am super super excited for your first eventing... competition? Meet? show? Trial? I don't know, I show western. :) But Good luck!!!

Maybe Mae said...

Vimeo all the way! I didn't click over to YouTube to see if I could watch a high-quality version because realistically, most people are going to just want to watch on your site and not click over. (zbut will that be an option in the future? I am kind of YouTube cluelesss.) The vimeo looked way better and I liked it better than YouTube anyway.

And happy belated. :)

Anonymous said...

Ok as soon as I just quickly looked at the difference, Vimeo is much clearer and would be my personal choice. I like the idea that the video options come up only when you mouse-over, on the Vimeo video.

I never even knew about Vimeo. I might consider using them, because I'm not a YT junkie where I use it for networking directly. Just to embed videos on other sites.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! What a nice fam :). I hope you had a good one.

I love watching videos of you and Brego. He's such a ham and you guys really seem to make a good pair.

Anonymous said...

Your horse is amazing. I have a life long love of Percherons, and was taught all I know about riding and horsemanship by a lovely grey lady named Marksman Millie.
I'm sure she'd love to get an eyeful of your Brego. Thanks for the video. I'm amazed at how well you have solved the problem of "leaving the draft horse behind behind."

Wiola said...

My choice is hi-def on vimeo - amazing! What camera did you get??? I am turning 30 (21) in February so might copy you :):)
Brego looks like he improved immensely!!Visibly lighter on the forehand and more push from behind in comparison to some of your old 'dressaging' videos.
Great job :)

Daun said...

Thanks to everyone for weighing in (and your very generous comments). It looks like Vimeo is a big hit. It's still a new service, but I'll give it a try.

The camera is a Canon HV30 and shop around because we didn't pay close to MSRP.

We are still working on the white-balance and recording modes, but I expect great things from it.

To all who left really nice compliments on Brego, I really appreciate it. Sometimes, in the public forum on this blog, people look more at what we should be doing, instead of the journey we are on and they kind of miss the point. I am not a professional rider, and Brego is not a $60k warmblood, we are learning together.

I especially appreciate the comment about not forcing a head set. This is so important to me, because I could easily crank his head down, but then he would NEVER get off the forehand. He's not a big, scopey warmblood who can be ridden in the Germanic tradition of push, push, push into your hand. He needs to be light on his terms and when he's stronger and ready, he will support his head correctly for his conformation. What is most important is his balance, not his "frame".

I've got a lot more to say on this, but I will save it for an official post so all my great readers who get updates via email can participate.

Thanks again, everyone! Some exciting updates are coming this weekend!

Katie said...


My names Katie. I'm from A Girl and Her Horse.I've recently started reading your blog and I'm really enjoying it. Brego seems amazing. Because of your blog I managed to convince my friend that heavy built horses can do dressage and its not just warmbloods and thorougbreds!

Happy late Birthday btw!

Can't wait to read more!


PlaysWithPercherons said...

I only found your blog today, and am really enjoying reading through! I watched the Vimeo and thought the quality was very nice, of the video and your ride. I could hear my dressage trainer in my head saying "outer leg, outer leg, outer leg," especially in your 10M circles. Don't let him spin the hindquarters out on you. Very nice shoulder-fore on the long side, though! Keep that shoulder-fore and use the outer leg more in your up transitions and they'll be cleaner. I'm so impressed with what you're doing with your inspires me to do more with mine! (and maybe get my horse blog going!!)