Friday, June 20, 2008

Fun with Words

What's the most important word on this blog??

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Anonymous said...

LOL, that's awesome!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Thank you!
Oh yes, Klein had that issue where she would turn me into a target while longing and kick out at me. That was her way of saying "Ok, I'm done. I don't feel like doing this anymore." She would even stop sometimes and stomp and toss her head and squeal at me. I just kept working her and she's figured out throwing fits like that isn't going to get her out of anything. She's done a complete 180 as far as work on the longe line. She is a very good girl. Every now and then she'll throw a kick or a buck but she gets over it quick.
Even today with her little episode she did a little rear. I just act like I didn't even see it. I don't give her the satisfaction of me acknowledging it like "OMG I just saw draft hooves at face level." Then she figures out, damn it that didn't work. She tries to give me THE EYE, I give it right back to her. She has such a personality. Even later she was being impatient about being fed. She was in crossties and started to paw. She hardly ever does that, because she knows better. I yelled from my tack room, "Klein! I KNOW that is NOT you pawing!" I looked out at her and she had her head tilted with the look of "Me??? Of course not, I don't do that stuff. It was the other horse."
These two boys are the ones that gave me the huge confidence I have.
smithwesson3.jpg They were sold to the place I worked for as a team and I separated them to drive single and in downtown traffic. Splitting up a team is devastating to their confidence but we got through it and they both turned out wonderful! I did everything with them all by myself.
Sounds like you've done WONDERS with Brego! Sounds like he wanted a job!