Monday, January 19, 2009

January Appreciation

January can be cruel, and this one is particularly cold and snowy. And yet, my eyes have never seen such beauty. I tried to capture some winter scenes but the limit of the camera does not do this January justice. The beauty is overwhelming and surrounds you, everywhere you look.

Most people only see snow in the city, dirty and dangerous, piled high in their shopping mall parking lots. Gross and unwanted. But on this farm, the snow stays soft white. It adds so much brightness to this world. Snow is not a bane here (not like ice, anyway), and it is welcomed to wash the slate clean and once again bathe the earth in wondrous perfection.

Snow surrounds the water trough. The spring is still running.

Barn roof. It will be replaced in the Spring, but does a great job now.

Last year's raspberries fight on in the pasture.

The chicken coop and residents.

Heavy trees.

A clear day in the pasture.

Evidence of snow play.


A nuzzled nose.

Tree avalanche.

My backyard. I am the luckiest person alive.

Ok, readers, show me your January appreciation.


Tara said...

Here is mine, :)

Anonymous said...

Alright, it's snowing now. If any of it STICKS, then maybe I will have some January Appreciation. As it stands, it looks like I'll be looking at ' February Appreciation'.

sylvia said...


Funder said...

I am really taken aback at the amount of snow in those pictures. How can it possibly stay that cold for that long? Where does all that snow come from? Bizarre.

I love January because the days are getting longer. It's a new year, and I've almost survived another dark winter, and the earth is about to come back to life. I'm an optimist! :D

manymisadventures said...

Brrr, cold cold cold.

I love snow - for about three days. ;) Thankfully that's usually all we get around here. As I have heard before...the Willamette Valley has two seasons: rainy and August.

I appreciate Pony Club so much right now. I have access to all kinds of fairly inexpensive, quality instruction. I just spent a weekend at an upper-level/older-member retreat where we got awesome lectures on biomechanics, nutrition, saddle fit, and other things. I'm just so happy that I can learn so much from PC!

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

We're having a heat wave here so my photos would be a bit boring in comparison. LOVE your snow pics.

Wiola said...

Gorgeous :) Did I mention I love your pictures? ;)

Anonymous said...

I love two things especially about January in the North.

The long yellow light from a sun that barely skims above the horizon casts magical colours on everything.

All that white stuff is the perfect backdrop to show off a fuzzy black percheron.

Melissa said...

I love your pictures of fuzzy Brego! He is so cute.

Snow is such an awesome thing. Just the other day my little sport pony and I went for a ride around our property to check the fence line, we had a blast! The snow was about 2 1/2 feet deep, so she got some exersize.

I hope you have lots more fun snowy rides!