Wednesday, July 15, 2009

With the Sun Comes Riding

The pesky upper level pressure system has moved off of New England and so we're back into a normal weather pattern after a month of rain and 80% cloud cover in June. That's enough to stifle even the sunniest personality.

As the ground has dried, Brego's feet have improved. His winter flare is mostly grown out and with it comes nice, thick hoof wall all around his sole. I am so glad we took this disastrous summer to build up good wall, even if we lost some riding because of it, so that fall Hunting season and next year will be all the better.

I've been riding as often as I can, sometimes in boots, sometimes barefoot on turf. Brego feels sound, but tight through his back, which I attribute to not enough quality dressage work. The other day, during a walk hack around the fairgrounds, basking in the clear, dry, sun, I was overcome with love for this stupid horse. He is often a pain, often a trouble maker, but he's just such a good soul. He can sit in a tiny pen for a month and then walk calmly across a huge open field. I could feel his happiness and appreciation of just being out. This break from showing has been good for my perspective. Constant showing, especially a horse as "special" as the Brego can really work on your psyche. He will never be good enough, I will never be good enough, blah, blah, blah. But on beautiful days, on the back of a solid, willing animal, he is perfect. One day, when the showing is behind us, I look forward to many open miles with him.

I am getting close to revealing some big news, not much longer to wait. But I do have some minor news. The fairgrounds across the street are hosting an open Arabian show that will have one day of open breed dressage. Oh that's right! I am totally going to ride my draft horse across the street and compete against Arabians in dressage. I can't think of anything more fun!! (well, maybe if they had a jumping class.... Snap!!!) So I am working on getting us at least presentable for that show in early August.

Also, cubbing season starts August 19th and I am counting the days, nay minutes, until we follow the hounds. We have a lot of conditioning work to do between now and then, but I know we will both be mentally ready. Last night, I took Brego over a couple of low verticals set at two strides and focused on my position. He jumped so well, so honestly, that I had to remind myself that it has been over a month since he last jumped. We kept the session short, but the boy has forgotten nothing. I am crossing my fingers for a very fun fall.

I was able to get my lower leg under control over the fences, but I felt stiff and locked in my knee to keep my toes pointed forward. I need to film myself and see if I am sacrificing my position in other areas by trying to keep my leg fixed in the ideal position. At this point, I am happy I at least have some control over my leg, even if it is not ultimately the way I want to go.


Marissa said...

I got chills when I read that you were "overcome with love for this stupid horse." I know just how that feels!

Anonymous said...

He is such a wonderful horse, and you are lucky to have each other!

One Red Horse said...

How wonderful to hear from you and Brego. Just so you know, in the funny, pixelated online community, you are missed.

Bev said...

I don't want to seem a nag about it but Pilates would really help you to achieve the change in leg position you are seeking. I was a doubter but have been amazed by what it has done to improve my riding. Find a good instructor to get started. I truly believe you will consider the time as having been very well spent.

Jean said...

I love that feeling when love overwhelms you like that. Glad you had one of those moments.

The Arab show with Brego is going to be another "one of those moments." You need someone with you from start to finish to record everything including the expressions on people's faces!! What fun.

Andrea said...

Brego's the MAN!

SolitaireMare said...

Please stop by my blog, there's an award waiting for you!

Anonymous said...

Miss your voice this summer. Last summer when I was first considering a Percheron I found this site. It convinced me.

Spent five hours on the trail on Sat, and worked through a difficult dressage lesson on Sun. Finally got the self-carriage I was asking for through a trot to halt transition. All the more beautiful because it is difficult for her. I had to tell my instructor that I just love my horse.

Daun said...

I hear you on the Pilates and it is an option this winter. It's not really an option in the summer because of the additional farm work I do each evening. I am simply out of time.

Thanks for the award!!! I really appreciate it!!!

Congrats on your mare. My voice will come back soon. I promise.

wolfandterriers said...

Hey Daun! I've nominated you for a blog award...maybe you've gotten it already from S Mare, but you're in my top read list! :)