Friday, June 26, 2009

Finding a snorkle to fit Brego

Thanks everyone for the tack advice. I've been reading the suggestions and doing some research. I've had plenty of time to do that because, despite a brief appearance by our favorite star yesterday, it is raining once again. And by rain, I mean thunderstorms with hail. Just awesome.

It comes as no surprise that the Hunter Pace for this weekend was canceled. My main horsey excitment will be going to Groton House to cheer Andrea on. I am hoping to borrow a little of her mojo for when I do return to the competitive scene.

I've had a few questions about the epoxy "shoes" I tried on Brego, so I thought I would answer them here instead of the comments. First of all, I have had one experience with them and it was positive, but I do not consider it an overwhelming body of evidence. I put them on a couple days before the hunter pace and removed them a couple of days after. In my experience, they would not have lasted for three weeks as they mention on the web site. But I did not use de-natured alcohol to thoroughly clean and dry the hooves prior to application. And I did run my draft horse over 12 miles of intense terrain at speed. So different applications, different horses, and different level of effort may have different results.

I was happy enough with them to use them again if we had the hunter pace this weekend, especially considering how wet Brego's feet have been from the rain.

Since I am on relatively light duty on the blog, I would like to request that if you have any questions for me, please ask and I will answer them. In the past, I have been too busy to respond to everyone personally, but I promise to be better (at least in the short term). I wish I could share more exciting news, but I am in a bit of a holding pattern, both with the weather, and with the other Big Things. Please hold... :)


Andrea said...

RAIN FAIL. We had that 6am HUGE thunderstorm that was gone long before I ever got on my horse, and it's been HOT and MUGGY (and now I have a sunburn)... and I opted to head back to the hotel to take a damn NAP when the black clouds started rolling in. I'm tired as, but I am SO EXCTIED for XC tomorrow!! And to watch the UL people too!

Stop teasing us about these Big Things! We want to know!

Oh crap... now it's hailing.

Susan Quinn and Becca the Percheron said...

I sure hope the rain lets up for you poor folks in the Northeast. Here in South Carolina (No Gov. Sanford jokes please. We're humiliated enough, thank you) we're now contending with the heat (100 + degrees today) and humidity. So if I want to ride, I need to be in the saddle before 9 a.m. or after 7 p.m.

Horse Survey:
At what temperature (or heat index) do you NOT ride your horse?

Nicole said...

I've been kind of lurking your blogs, but since you're going to try to answer some questions I figure I'd ask a few.

I understand what would be abnormal about a percheron stadium jumping, but wouldn't a percheron XC make sense?
Also, I went to Eventing a go-go,
and she was talking about one of her XC runs and she got 5:10. Maybe its just a greenie assumption, but I thought XC courses were set out among miles, and took like 20 minutes to ride.
Ok, that last one was kind of a "wow. I didn't know that" statement, but kind of a question too.
Oh, and what's this about epoxy on Brego's feet? what was it for?

thats about it.
Bye bye! You have a beautiful horse!

Daun said...

Susan, In Texas, I rode Brego past 90 degrees. If you didn't, you wouldn't ride half the year. Now in NH, I draw the line a 10 F and below.

Riding XC is harder on the horse than riding stadium. Not only are they jumping, but they have to gallop as well. So, for people that think Percherons can only pull big carts, the idea of XC is also strange.

The lower levels of eventing have shorter courses. BN is somewhere in 3.5 minutes - 4 minutes. Rolex is run in about 18-20 minutes. It just depends.

If you reread the current post, I link to two blog entries about the epoxy. That should explain what it is and what it is for.


jenj said...

Could you send some of that rain down here? After the fifth record-breaking day (at 105), it was 99 degrees last night at 9 p.m. and we are SO parched. And it's still only June!

Marissa said...

You have an award on my blog!

Serenity said...

Ok - quick question - I have my friesian mare leased out to an eventer. Prior to eventing she was a super easy keeper and now that she is working hard doing jumping and xc and conditioning I am having a hard time keeping her from looking like a hairy TB instead of a Friesian. We have her on what seems like a ton of supplements, ulcer meds, she is wormed, floated etc but she is not keeping it on. I am just wondering if you ever or do now have trouble keeping weight on Brego with out copious amounts of food? She is fit - she gallops easily and did fox hunts and hunter paces all winter and spring. I was just wondering if it was a draft thing and they just need that much more when in heavy training.

Thanks and I love your blog. Sorry you guys are being plagued with so much rain these days.

Golden the Pony Girl said...

I am a new reader and just wanted to say hi. I heard your interview on event radio and I was intrigued by your story. You will be great inspiration and a resource for Bodhi and I as we begin our training. Bodhi is a 4 year old Haflinger so he is both a draft horse and vertically challenged! Keep up the great posts I look forward to interacting with you and learning more about Brego.
Oh and a question since we both have grade drafties: What do you compete Brego under? Just Brego or something else? Bodhi and I are going to our first schooling dressage show on the 18th and I am trying to decide what to show him as. Thanks!

Daun said...

Even at the peak of Brego's work, he eats less than my older thoroughbred. I do feed high fat, high protein, low sugar feeds and plenty of good quality hay. I would guess my TB is currently getting 8 lbs of feed a day and Brego is getting maybe 2 lbs. He's an easy keeper, even under heavy work.

Good luck at your show! I compete Brego under his show name of "Quite the Casanova", although in the future, I may just switch it to Brego. He is registered with the USEA under the Quite the Casanova name.

Golden the Pony Girl said...

Whoops I thought you said once he was not registered sorry Brego!!
Quite the Casanova is a cute name. Where did the name Brego come from? It is a nice original name.
Thanks for the well wishes. I am already a big bag of nerves and it is still two weeks away!

Daun said...

Brego is not registered with a breed association, but he has a show name and is registered under the US eventing association with that name. But for all intents and purposes, he is a grade gelding, in that I don't have papers from his birth and certify his dam or sire.

"Brego" fits him quite well, but I thought it too plain to be a show name. I may rethink that in the future. Brego is a character in Lord of the Rings. In the books, he's a King of Rohan that builds the Golden Hall at Edoras. In the movies, he's Aragorn's horse that saves him in The Two Towers. It fits him well, he is both regal and brave.

Madeline said...

I have a question for you.
What do you do to condition Brego?

I event my draft to at the very lowest levels and just wanted to tell you that you're a big inspiration to me.

Anonymous said...

Hey! I actually have a foot question as I've been beating myself over the head with this.

Key has bad feet. Durr.

They've been holding up very well, and when he has enough hoof wall, he is happy. Sound on rocks, sound on gravel, etc. etc.. Well, the farrier came out the other day, and trimmed him up, but didn't take out any sole--so he's pretty lame at the moment because his sole is right on the ground, all the time, until his hoof grows enough to lift it off.

The farrier says, 'don't take out the sole!' I say, 'take out the sole damnit!' And Key says, ':(' naturally. He's probably a canidate for front shoes, but he throws them something terrible so I'd like to avoid it. ...Any ideas?! You are my hoof guru. :)