Thursday, May 14, 2009

And Now For Something Completely Different

It's been raining off and on and Brego's feet are definitely soft. After the last debacle with his boots, I was looking for alternatives. We will be riding in a Hunter Pace this weekend and the course will be 12 miles long and fairly rocky. I didn't want him to finish sore, but I also know his feet will be fine with a little more wall growth (he's trimmed short to reduce the winter flare) and some dry weather. I also want to jump him and I didn't want to worry about concussion.

So I need something temporary, optional, non-bulky, protective, yet not restrictive. Hmmmm.

Well, I found it. Vettec Super Fast. Here's a video explaining how it works (we did not use Equi-Pak as well).

Total trim to finished rasping was 1 hour 20 minutes. It will definitely go faster next time. Since it's still raining, I won't get to try him out until tomorrow. We will do a short dressage ride and then the Hunter Pace is on Saturday.

The nice thing about this option is that it will wear down just like his hoof wall, so as his new wall comes in, it will kindly get out of the way (perhaps with a little help from the rasp). If it is not working, I can rasp it off and there are no nail holes to grow out. Plus, startup cost, plus enough adhesive for four more sets of "shoes" were less than a single pair of steel shoes for a draft. Additionally, it's not bulky so it won't interfere with jumping and it does move with the hoof as needed on impact.

A note on the photos. The flash highlights the adhesive coloring difference. In normal light, you can barely tell it is there.

Left Front with white line cleaned and ready. Old injury is on left.

Right front with white line cleaned and ready.

Rasp a little up the hoof wall to give the cuff something to hold.

Apply adhesive.

Bottom adhesive applied prior to rasping

Cuff adhesive applied prior to rasping

Right hood completed

Adhesive can be trimmed with nippers.

Rasping cuff adhesive for a smooth finish.

Left foot bottom complete.

Left foot injury covered by adhesive.


dp said...

My goodness, what a world we live in. Looking forward to hearing about how they perform.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting - let us know how they perform for you and Brego!

Funder said...

That's awesome. Can't wait to see how they hold up! He has such lovely feet :)

Andrea said...

THAT'S A GOOD IDEA!! I am so looking into that. Let me know how they hold up!

Albigears said...

Is it supposed to last until you rasp it off? Or does it eventually fall off on its own?

Jean said...

Very interesting. I'd love to hear how it works under some good work. Seems as if the pace would be a good trial to test this stuff out.

Looking forward to your report back.

Frank Dugan said...

Hi Daun,

Great photos and a nice finnish job. I work for Vettec and just wanted to comment on the first photo of the left foot. My only concern was the white line area that looked like it had some loose lamina that the SF would bond to but not a good area to bond to for strength.

Love to talk to you about it and hope everything goes well. All the Best,
Frank Dugan

Daun said...

Frank, Thank you for stopping by. I am very impressed with the product and wrote up my thoughts after the hunter pace. The only problem was my fault in not prepping the site well enough. I will definitely use SF again and I highly recommend SF.

The area in the first photo on the left is an old injury that grows down but never has the strength to grow good hoof wall. I am very interested in seeing how SF helps the foot. Thank you so much.

smellshorsey said...

Really interesting. I didn't know about this. So glad you had good results at the hunter pace, too.

I'm impressed with your application and the product.

Izabelle said...

thats amzing. I too have a large draft(actually part percheron aswell) she wears shoes now, but i have to watch her feet very carefully becuz she easily loses shoes. please let me know how these work.