Saturday, May 30, 2009

Show? What Show?

Even as I wish Andrea the best of luck this weekend, I am preparing for my own little show. Tomorrow will be the first three phase of the season, a little schooling outing just down the road.

It's been raining nonstop since Tuesday so my last ride on the big boy was Monday afternoon. We hauled out to the show facility and schooled cross country. Brego did well over fences but he was very strong in the gallops and I had to pull some evasive maneuvers, employing a pulley rein or two, to keep us safe. I was happy he was happy to be out, but not happy with his disregard for our own mortality.

I had planned on riding him heavily all week to take the edge off, but the rain had other plans for us. I became even more concerned when Brego started jigging, about to jump out of his skin, while leading him to and fro the barn.

So the plan for today, aside from filling out medical armband records and scrubbing tack, is to take advantage of the break in the rain and go gallop him. I never gallop the day before a show, but in this case, I would rather him be too tired than too much to handle, especially for a dinky schooling show that doesn't even keep time.

I am opting at this time not to bit him up. I will continue to run him in his egg-butt, french link snaffle. I sincerely hope I do not regret that decision.

My ride times for tomorrow are:
Dressage: 9:50 am
XC: 11:50 am
Stadium: 12:20 pm

I will try to tweet our progress. Have a nice weekend everyone!


Anonymous said...

Best of luck! Handy to have a show right nearby - sounds like you should have enough forward!

JW.BW said...

Love your blog!! I cant wait to hear about how the show goes. Good luck!!!


manymisadventures said...

Good luck! I have been able to gallop around the [currently empty] mare pasture a few times and it's been a very educational experience. I wish I had somewhere nearby that was convenient.

Good luck at the show!

Susan Quinn said...

We'll all be here waiting for your news, Daun.
Best of luck.
Becca, my big black Percheron, sends Brego her best as well!
Susan and Becca

Andrea said...

According to my clock, you should be warming up for XC right about now.
Sending the perpetual good luck streak we've all been having back along to you!!!!

Andrea said...

Oh wait, just saw your Twitter update. That's not the worst dressage test ever! The worst dressage test ever is when your horse stops and pees... and pees.... and pees....... during his freewalk. Happened to a friend!
Don't be bummin. It's only one movement, and plenty of good marks can help erase a bad mark. Good luck XC!