Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pictures and Video

Here are the pictures and video from the show.

Our last fence, fence 15, and I felt like we were just hitting our stride.

Schooling Show 5-31-09 from Eventing Percheron on Vimeo.


Andrea said...

Hahaha all right, who was doing the filming? There is some major Port-A-Potty action going on there. And nice close-up on Beer Gut Man.

That dressage test wasn't bad! And that was hardly a break in the canter! I had pictured several trot strides in my head, and I had to go back and say wait, was that the break? The only other thing I wanted to add in is that don't forget to not cross your lines when re-presenting to a fence. Smelly rules! But you won't have to worry about that at Groton House, because there won't be any refusals cause Brego is just too sexy for that!

EvenSong said...

What was it that you didn't like about the venue? How do you mean unfair? It was a schooling show, after all, so now you know what you can work on for next time!

Albigears said...

Your dressage test looked good to me too... and I didn't even notice a break in the canter.

Brego's a neat horse, I've been enjoying reading your stories about him!

Daun said...

Andrea, Yea I realized that when I watched the tape. Honestly, I was so baffled that I didn't have a plan B which is my fault completely. After the second refusal, I actually was weighing retiring which is why I ambled aimlessly away. Then I decided to go through the water and see how it went so I turned him around.

What was in the video was perfectly fair, aside from the flag being in the middle of the second fence we refused and it had a broken face, so was a bit bogey. The refusals were 100% my fault/training. What was not fair were the subsequent fences which were knocked down, the completely half-ass jump judging (people were protesting ever round and the results took forever), dressage running behind (if you miss your time, go to the end of the line or your out), horses running, literally running over 12" logs and no stopping for dangerous riding, the ridiculous stadium course, elements too large for the division in Elementary. The icing on the cake was the airy log fence right before the water. It was a combination to the down bank into the water. It was offset. That question is WAY too high for Novice or even for training. You can see Brego bugging out at the airy log on the way to the water.

This is a schooling show, supposed to be a confidence builder, and it was dangerous. People were getting hurt all over the place and there was no ambulance. Almost every rider I talked to said the course was unfair.

My refusals were my fault and I know what I need to work on. But I am not going to put Brego in such a confidence trasher again.

At Beginner Novice, the fences should be long and inviting, you have a choice of lines. They should have clear ground lines and should not be visually tricky to the horse. The second refusal fence with the bright red paper plate stuck to the center of it did not match those criteria.

Daun said...

I forgot to add that there were no flags on the warm up fences and collisions crashes there.

McFawn said...


I wouldn't sweat it too much about Brego's refusal. My horse, Fancy, was an extremely honest jumper who probably refused less than 10 times over the course of the decade he jumped. Usually, when he refused, he had a good reason. If the course was really so dangerous, then maybe refusing was resonable--it sometime is. I'd rather have a horse that refused at a dangerous fence than one that lacked any self-preservation at all.

Susan & Becca the Percheron said...

Sounds like you had a rough time but just remember that it is the bad times which teach us the most (as much as we hate having them!). I think your dressage test showed much improvement over the last show! So kudos to both of you!

Bad show management can sure mess you up. I agree with you that ride times are there for a reason and short of some extenuating circumstances, they should be strictly adhered to. A 45 minute delay is ridiculous and so unfair to both horse and rider who have prepared based on the times they were given.
Shame on the show organizers for that!
But good for you for fighting through a bad situation and finishing at all! 6th place? Not too shabby!

Brego carried you through and you have a wonderful horse and a very determined spirit to soldier on the way you did.
Good for you!

Serena said...

My favorite part of your dressage test is when he checks himself out in the mirror.

Chris said...

I will never tire of seeing pictures of your horse and yourself doing things! Such an awesome sight to see - thanks for sharing :)

Anonymous said...

Ugh. This reminds me of the time I took Key to his and my first show, and it was a 4-H one. And around here, English 4-H classes can become a nightmare where there are 30 kids in a class and only about 8 of them know how to ride and can handle their horses! Key got ran into a corner and he tried to KILL all of the horses there all day. Silly show management.

The dressage test wasn't bad at all! He seemed very forward for you, if maybe too-much-so as he seemed more fussy than usual with his head. I saw some moments of real straightness in there too :D Woot!

Bummed to hear they couldn't get their crap together, but I am most certainly glad that if at least anything, you guys are safe and sound. Onward and upward?

Jocelyn said...

I am very excited to have found your blog. I, too, have a Percheron (well, Percheron Cross) mare. People look at me like I am crazy when I tell them she is part draft horse, and I ride her. I haven't had a chance to read all your write ups, but will (time willing). My mare is dapple grey, 16.2+, 1,300 lb who sometimes thinks she should be a lap dog! I have no papers on her and was duped when I bought her. Was told she was trained...yeah, right. Also told she was nine, but I think she is younger. We are going through a major training process as I don't think she ever went anywhere or did anything. I, too, am blogging about our training experiences, so it is very interesting to be able to read about a Percheron doing wonderful things. It gives me hope for my Percheron. Thanks!

Mama2Arden said...

Hey Daun,

That boy of your is really coming together... in the year + of reading, you can just see the maturity setting in.

For as negative as you might be feeling... good riding... that was a lot of horse under you cross country (and I'm NOT talking size)and you managed him well. I think you're spot on with bitting him up a bit to make sure you have the ability to rate him better (and I'm the snaffle only queen)for his own sake.

The dressage times would have PISSED ME OFF. You need to be able to go in with a horse who is warmed up and through, not have to play warm up again in the ring...or worse with these big guys... lose all forward by having to work them to keep them going and then have NO hind end during the test.

Groton House has a nice setting and is always both will LOVE IT!