Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Upping the Bit

I apologize for the relative silence of the blog, but big things are still afoot and Mother Nature has decided my show season needed a hiatus. It's been raining copious amounts, 18 of the last 22 days. We are way beyond TWICE the normal amount of rain for June. Despite Groton House putting on a great show last weekend, I was secretly happy to have scratched.

Regardless, I have snuck in some rides between the breaks in the deluge and Brego is feeling really solid. I think he is also enjoying the time off enough to look forward to work. Yesterday, he was so stir crazy, I had to let him gallop around the pasture, as muddy as it was, just to take the edge off enough so I could safely lead him into the barn. If nothing else, the mud is teaching him to be sure footed over sloppy terrain.

I had the good fortune of finding a draft-sized jumping bridle, sans flash noseband, at a local tack show. Wonders never cease. I snatched it up before the mirage evaporated before my eyes. I also bought Brego a continental gag with a 7" waterford mouth piece to help with his running strong cross country. With the reins on the large ring, the bit will behave the same as our long lost, and much beloved, waterford Baucher. I've been a fan of the waterford mouthpiece to stop leaning into the bit. Moving the reins down the bit rings will add more gag action, but also more poll leverage. I think it's a good compromise. Since I have a dedicated jumping bridle now (bringing my total up to three), I will use the continental gag on the hunt bridle, the egg-butt snaffle on the jumping, and the dressage will continue to have the loose-ring snaffle. Whew.

Now, I only need to find that third saddle for foxhunting. Oh, and open-faced leather jumping boots to fit Brego. Oh, and that properly fitting dressage coat. Oh, and dress boots. Oh, and a tweed....

We have a hunter pace scheduled for this weekend. I have no idea how the footing will hold up, but I will likely apply the epoxy to his hooves on Friday. Good hunting, everyone!


Susan and Becca the Percheron said...

Having bought my 16.3h, 1400 lb. Percheron Becca (who is turning out to be quite a nice dressage horse and a wonderful horse on the trail!), I know what you mean about the draft tack problems.
I have had to buy a new dressage saddle, new bit, new bridle, new halter, new sheets...you name it!
I found a website called "DraftTack.com" and they have alot of things to fit our big Percherons. The people are very nice, and the service has been very good as well.
Just a suggestion (in case you didn't already know about it).
The rain???
Well, my friend, I'm afraid there's not much you can do about that!

EvenSong said...

What size hunt coat do you wear? I have a lovely, high quality brown/gold houndstooth tweed jacket that I have long since outgrown (my dad used to call me slim--but I AIN'T anymore). I'll have to check the size, but you can have it for postage if you want it. I get a photo to email you...ES

Trini said...

Found this splint boot that may work if you can't find anything else;


Will keep looking..

Daun said...

Susan, Have you started your blog yet?? I did check out drafttack (it's where I bought my new bit).

EvenSong, I've never been called slim, so I doubt it will fit. I don't know the size I wear, which is the problem. I really have to try things on. Things that fit the bust tend to be too big through the waist. Things that fit the waist feel like a corsette.

Thanks for the link! Let me know if you come across any leather jumping boots. I have long since given up any hope.

Serena said...


Roxie's cannon bones are pretty close to the same measurements as Brego's and I found waxed leather open-front jumping boots that work! The super-inexpensive Classic Equine brand or whatever they are at State Line Tack fits Roxie just fine in size L. The tendon support lumps don't really line up with Roxie's tendons so I razored them out of the boots (my jury is still out on how well tendon supports within boots work anyway) but they may work for you and Brego, and for $40 for a pair of open-front boots, it is worth a shot! They have matching hind ankle boots that fit Roxie too--i can send pix and precise measurements if you like.

Jean said...

I can highly recommend a treeless saddle for your big boy. The Ansur Konklusion is a great jumping saddle for cross country....however, it is also very expensive new. Sometimes used ones show up on eBay. No fitting issues on a big fellow like Brego.

Glad you are finding all kinds of things to buy for your media star. Don't let it go to his head. *S*

jacksonsgrrl said...

I am so glad I don't have the tack fitting issues you are having! That could reach nightmare proportions here in Texas where all is Western...
A couple of posts back I asked you a couple of questions about the Epoxy. I am thinking about trying it but wanted some advice from someone who's used it. Thanks so much Daun!