Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Back To Work

We got a break in the rain (3 inches in four days) and headed to the fairgrounds. Brego's feet are wet and he's definitely not comfortable over gravel, but he was perfect on turf. He was actually also mentally excited to work, very responsive, no resistance. We did a lot of trot work, working on straightness and correct inside bend, with just a little bit of canter. His canter departures were crisp and balanced. It was very pleasant to get on him after more than a week off and both of us be excited for the work.

So I would like to claim that he is over his stone bruise or whatever ailed him, although his feet are too soft from the rain for any long distance work. So the current plan is to get back into the grove in the arena or on turf and possibly revisit the Vettek SuperFast epoxy for the Hunter Pace at the end of the month (June 28). Even though the territory is not exceptionally rocky, the distance, coupled with the copious amounts of rain, leads me to be cautious. I will probably follow the same protocol as before: Put epoxy on a couple days before and remove it a couple of days after.

When it rains, it pours, and there's no getting around mud in New England. My choices to keep his feet dry are limited to keeping him stalled more often, something I am loathe to do. I truly believe that 24 hour turnout is best, barring extraordinary circumstances, especially for big, hardworking joints. When the ground is wet, his feet will get wet. Hopefully, we can get to a happy place where he is comfortable over most terrain, under most circumstances barefoot, even when wet, and I can use the epoxy to protect his feet for those times he's just not up to the task. As always, adjusting to the new climate will take time and I am constantly learning and tweaking my maintenance program to keep both horse and rider as comfortable as possible.

In other news, Brego has reached minor celebrity status with upcoming interviews in some wonderful horse-themed publications. I will post more information on these exciting developments as the content is published publicly. Most long time readers know that when I am quiet on the blog, big things are afoot. Hold tight, we have some fun times ahead!


Maybe Mae said...

Yes! Can't wait to see what these publications are all about.

Anonymous said...

How nice that Brego and you will get some (very well-deserved) publicity - can't wait to hear more!

Andrea said...

See now the LAST time you were being hush hush about something big, it ended up being an April Fool's joke!
I'm excited for these articles!!!

Mama2Arden said...

Big things and big fun sound good to us.. Chi and I will be watching!

Amy said...


it's Amy from lcs ... You might have already heard, but we are having a show on the 27th.. It would be cool if you guts could make it. I'm also doing the hunt the day after and was wondering if you might possibly be going to the hunt. Well I lost your email, but if you get this let me know :-)

I'm glad to read that everything is going well.

jmk said...

Thanx for the link. I really enjoyed listening to the show.
Horsetalk on the radio...what a great idea!

jacksonsgrrl said...

I am planning on trying the Vettek Epoxy on Jackson for some of our rockier trail rides. I currently can't afford boots and I am feeling tenderfooted, not him. We do serious rock, all barefoot and he never wavers or flinches---EVER! The other day after one of our rock wars through an old creekbed, I noticed three bruises on his back hoof (wouldn't put boots there anyway) and started wondering about the epoxy. It says it can last for up to 3 weeks--not sure I want to be leaving it on that long. In your experience, is it hard to get off? Any advice in this area would be appreciated!