Friday, April 2, 2010

And Back To Your Regularly Scheduled Brego

Oh, what fun! Alas, all good things must come to an end, and so ends the 2010 April Fool's day joke. Good memories.

For those of you who were excited to purchase a book about Brego, I salute you and your complete vote of confidence, not only in my writing abilities, but in Brego's ability to win Rolex AND inspire the single greatest actor of our time (after Harrison Ford, pre 1998 of course).

All in good fun, of course, and remember, I do this every year. You have been warned.

Anyway, in real life, Brego and I are gearing up nicely for a pretty low key, but hopefully successful season. We've been meeting our 4 rides a week goal and Brego's fitness continues to impress me. I always though taking four months off over the winter would wreck a horse, but he bounces back every spring better and better. He is still a bit shaggy, so until I get to body clip him and tame that wicked mohawk, he will remain under wraps. He needs to be presentable for his public, after all.

The big ado is that there is a schooling dressage show at the end of April. Which in itself is not a big deal, since we are very realistic about our dressage potential, but this is a special show because it's being hosted by my fox hunt. So a lot of my good friends from the hunt will be there. And as they watch us go around, amid the jeers and jokes, they just might remember that it was Brego that bounced them off the trail or took that wall in such glorious form, so I want him to do well. You know, to show my hunt. Why? Because.

Anyway, after the dressage show, we will have a break while we school fences and get ready for the Groton House summer classic and a two-phase derby. I am looking forward to jumping again, but I am most looking forward to cross country. We've gotten so much rain recently, we've been hacking on roads and the fairgrounds and I can't wait to get out and just ride.

Other highlights include our first solo conditioning set of the season and Brego did very well by himself. He's a brave boy.

So far, he's been foot perfect barefoot. We've managed to master his over-winter protocol to keep his feet concave and hard. If you recall, this time last year, Brego was foot sore over rocks. Last week, I did my trot and canter sets on a gravel road because it was the driest place to ride. Not a smooth gravel road, a road with rocks. Brego never took an off step. The secret to our success this year was frequent stalling at night to give his feet a chance to dry out and, no foolin', a heat gun. A heat gun, as opposed to a hair drier, is quick and relatively quiet. You can see his feet drying out as you watch and you get a real thorough dry. Drying his feet kept them from "splating" even in very wet conditions. I am a convert to the heat gun, it has really made a difference this year.

Once I get the big man presentable, we will be back to posting pictures. I hope everyone has a great weekend!


Golden the Pony Girl said...

Hah! You got me! I will never read you blog without coffee again! You are awesome!

Austen said...

I love your April Fools!

Man, I feel your pain with conditioning. I'm stuck on roads and in the outdoor (but only half of it, the other half is a lake!). Yesterday I did sets up a hill in the only field not a muddy disaster. This field is, instead, a rocky disaster. Oh well, at least we had dry feet!

Can't wait to see updates on the Big Man!

Jean said...

Clever post below. Keep it up and you will have to write a book.

Can't wait to hear what happens at the dressage show. Should be a ton of fun....*G*

Glad to hear the conditioning is going so well. That is a great sign for the upcoming events. Way to go!

Beth said...

Ha! Just because it didn't actually "happen" doesn't mean you can't write a book about it!

You should do it anyway.

diana said...

Great Post! We are also planning to tour through asia tour operator this year.

Erin said...

I hope you start blogging more often. I miss reading about Brego. :)

Shirley in Texas said...

Where did you go?
Your last blog entry was months ago! What has happened to you?
Nothing bad, I hope.
Are you and Brego still eventing?
What happened to your little farm?
Are you really in Austin, Texas?
Inquiring minds want to know.

Shirley in Texas said...

Where did you go?
Your last blog entry was months ago! What has happened to you?
Nothing bad, I hope.
Are you and Brego still eventing?
What happened to your little farm?
Are you really in Austin, Texas?
Inquiring minds want to know.

spotteddrafter said...

I miss reading about Brego! How are you two doing? Have you been competing this summer?

Anonymous said...

Love the blog :)

Sarah said...

Andrea let it slip that you two spent last weekend at the horse trials. So... how did it go? :)

Cornelius Buttknuckle said...

C'mon girl, we want to see more pix and hear more about your big boy!

Rhya said...

Any updates on the big man??? I miss the posts on Brego.....

Wiola said...

Hello Daun! Just wanted to wish you wonderful, restful Xmas time and all you would want to wish to yourself in the New Year 2011.
The same for Brego of course and hope to read more updates from him :)
Wiola x

kae said...

Hi Daun!

I'm a recent Brego convert and I just wanted to tell you that you've definitely inspired me to go along with my something-different horse training approach this time around (and blog about it! haha). I'm finally getting another horse and I, like you, am pretty disillusioned from the hunter circuit. Still love horses, though!!

So thank you. :) I hope you start blogging again soon, or at least stop by to say hi. You've really helped motivate me to do right by my horse this time (even though I'm going it alone for the first time.. ever!); your concern for Brego in all aspects of his training is admirable!! I hope you and Brego are doing fabulously and continue defying odds and having fun. :)


DLW said...

Where did ya go??? Your blog and The Jumping Percheron blog are my inspirations! I have a 4 1/2 year old percheron gelding that I am bringing along and I have dreams of combined training and maybe even a small horse trial.

I know you actually have a life that needs attention :) But we miss you!!!

Even if you don't come back, I'd like to thank you for the valuable draft-specific information contained in your blog. I have a wonderful trainer, barn and friends, but someone with the experience you have is invaluable. So, thank you for sharing it in blog form.

Hope you and Brego are well and have a wonderful 2011!

jpage said...

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