Saturday, February 9, 2008

Big Plans for a Big Horse

I've been a bit remiss in adding blog entries recently because I have traveled to New England to interview for a position with a company in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. They have been so gracious as to offer me a great job and a great opportunity. So the next two months will be spent relocating from Texas to New Hampshire, no small undertaking.

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As such, the spring show season has been abandoned and I am spending my time packing the house, switching banks, reserving Uhaul trucks, etc. Not nearly as much fun as showing, but guaranteed to be twice as stressful!

There are many reasons why I am making this move, but a large one is that in New Hampshire, I will be able to afford a beautiful farm and have Brego at home. Oh yes, the big boy is coming with me! The current plan is to move him and Hobby up at the end of April. We have already located a wonderful farm near my temporary housing which has an indoor arena and excellent pasture board. I think Brego will be much happier in a colder climate (as it's 80 degrees already in February and he is miserable) and the eventing scene can only be better than it is here.

Also, as a side bonus, the long term goals of this farm include a cross country field, but also to be a sustainable horse-powered farm. I will likely start a second blog for that adventure, since it is sure to generate lots of amusing content.

But in the meantime, my updates will be sparse as I will unfortunately be away from Brego for a full month until I can drive him up. I am planning on taking a good 10 days to make the trip, in order to stop at some pretty amazing parks along the way and get a few "reunion" rides in. Then I will be a regular poster again as we get to know our new Area 1 eventing region.


Funder said...

Oh that's wonderful news, Daun! Congratulations to you and Brego. I don't expect you to drop in and visit on a cross country trailer trip, but if you run into trouble near Memphis and need help, just call me. Shoot me an email and I'll give you my number.

Wiola said...

Wow! That sounds really exciting! I must check your blog more often for updates on your move. And I agree -Brego will surely feel better in cooler climes.