Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Can't Argue with Destiny

I have been discussing ponying up the money for a dressage saddle for awhile. Well, ever since Brego started really rocking in dressage. I knew from my experience with his custom Borné eventing saddle, that it would be very difficult to find a used saddle that would fit him. I did assume, however, that it would be slightly easier to find a dressage saddle that would fit a large, broad-backed horse than a jumping saddle. For some reason, jumping saddles aren't usually made for drafts...

Anyway, I really love my jumping saddle. It is custom made for his back and my butt and I love its balance and gorgeous looks. Borné is known, if they are recognized at all, as a dressage saddle maker. If they could do so well on my jumping saddle, I knew I wanted a Borné dressage saddle as well. So I would flirt with the idea with my saddle-fitter/Borné rep. She said the model of Borné should would recommend would be a Levade. Oh, what a beautiful saddle, and so Baroque sounding! But the price is (fairly) high and I also needed a new laptop.

So I finally made the decision to go with the laptop and decided that Brego would have to make due with his one custom saddle (which cost twice as much as he did, by the way).

So along comes an ad on the internet for a used Borné saddle. A used Borné Levade saddle. A used Borné Levade saddle in a wide tree. A used Borné Levade saddle in a wide tree with a seat size perfect for my, er, bum. Could it be? A perfect storm designed to spend my money??

I talked to my saddler and the owner of Borné Saddlery herself tracked down the original owner of the saddle and compared the tracings done for her horse to Brego, which she conveniently had on file from my jumping saddle, and declared the saddle just might work! And, as if that wasn't enough customer service, she told me that if I bought it and it didn't work, she would purchase it from me for resale so I would not be at risk of losing my money!!

Did I mention I love Borné?

So I bought it. And tonight I rode in it. And it's a little like falling in love all over again. This saddle is even nicer than my jumping saddle, if that's possible. The leather is amazing, so soft and supple. And it was in mint condition, no scratches or rubs, even from the stirrup leathers.

I can't wait to get a lesson in it with my trainer, so I can learn to actually ride in the luxurious thing. It is really different than my jumping saddle, comfortable and stable, but without being constrictive. It's the first real dressage saddle I have ridden in, so there is quite a bit of a learning curve for my legs to grow long. But for now, Brego has two amazingly nice saddles, and I am the luckiest person around (for more than one reason!).

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Beckz said...

Wow I wouldn't mind some of that sort of luck! I'm looking for a saddle myself to fit my andalusian and its not that easy. Not many saddleries or available saddle types in NZ