Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I've been tagged by the always interesting Wiola over at Freeland Instructor's Diary (Love the blog, by the way!). So in the spirit of being a good citizen of the blogosphere, here's my tag entry.

The rules are...

You must post the rules before you give your answers.

After you've been tagged, you need to update your blog with your middle name and answers.

You must list one fact about yourself for each letter of your middle name.

Each fact must begin with that letter.

If you don't have a middle name, just use your maiden name/last name.

At the end of your post, you need to tag one person for each letter of your middle name. (Be sure to leave them a comment telling them they've been tagged and need to read your blog for details).

Here are my fun facts, that most people find interesting, after a beer or two:

N - I am a total Nerd. I love my new MacBook Pro. Yummy.
I - I played Ice Hockey for a women's team before moving to Texas.
C - I have a Canadian Marriage, eh?
O - I read Math and Philosophy at Oxford University
L - I am Lazy, which has its good points because it makes me more...
E - Efficient at work. Why write code that's readily available in the open source community?

I am going to need to work on my six tagees... To be continued.

1 comment:

Wiola said...

Now, Math, Philosophy and the McBook Pro are pretty impressive ! :) I love your blog too! Can't wait for your season to start :)