Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Back in the Saddle

I had a great ride today in the indoor. Totally Ab Fab. We set up a 2' jump on the diagonal on some of those plastic blocks used for cavallettis. There are no real jumps available. After a little warmup, I took Brego over at a canter.

The boy can jump! Sure, it's 2' and sure it was a single fence, but he felt great. His canter was nice and balanced, thanks partly to the super tight corners in the indoor. He hit the striding and jumped properly, really using his back. He picked up the correct lead over the fence or swapped after one stride. The boy still has his auto changes.

I, of course, looked like I always do, elbows flapping, toes to the side. But! I did not get forward and I had a following contact. A little rusty, but not a complete disaster.

I feel really encouraged that we will be successful this season. And by success, I mean showing good improvement, no over facing (of either of us) and being respectful in our performance to the judges. No embarrassment.

Ok, so we can still jump. But Brego's conditioning is a real problem. I am glad the fence was just 2'. He needs to be much more fit to do higher or more jumps. Conditioning is now my #1 priority. Trot sets, here we come!

During my walk home, I put an arm around his neck as we walked and chatted about jumping and the summer and shows. I realized it was the first time we had jumped since the day of the Big Crash of '08. The fact that it had not occurred to me before then is a really good sign, that my nerve is still good. I also felt no hesitation from Brego. It will be interesting to see if either of us get any flashbacks as the intensity of our jumping progresses through the season.

For now, I am very very happy.


Funder said...

Ohhh, what a lovely day. Where do you plan to do trot sets - indoor, or out on the road maybe?

Alex said...

ahh. sounds like a great ride!

Laura said...

Sounds like things are going well for you guys. I think I am more freaked out from the crash of 08 than you guys are! lol I actually got a flashback when I saw the link to the video. I'm such a chicken. (also a little weird that I remember, but whatev, I'm not a weird stalker, promise!)

Care to do a more detailed post on conditioning and trot sets? I know the basics, but would be interested in learning more... I have an old boy to get into better shape this year...

manymisadventures said...


I'm so happy for you. I've missed the cheerfulness with which you write - it really came through today how much you enjoyed that ride.

I too would love a more detailed post on conditioning.

sidetracked said...

There's nothing like jumping a jump perfectly. Glad that you guys are getting back going and ready for show season

dp said...

Sounds lovely. We are going through a really cold snap right now (-5 is really cold in this area) and Raven has been very stiff on her hock. I am hoping to be back on her in April as otherwise she has seemed ready. Brego's is a non-issue by now, I assume?

Daun said...

Thanks everyone!

Funder, Trot sets will probably be done on the road. I am breaking out Brego's boots with pads to lessen the concussion. I can also try to use a neighbors very long gravel road. We just got another 6" of snow, so everything is very wet right now.

I think his hock is fine, but I am getting xrays in a month or so and a chiro and vet to look him over before we get back into very heavy work. This winter has been a big lesson in conditioning, let me tell you.

Sorry to hear about Raven's hock. I think she had it much worse than Brego.

tesilva said...

I live in Derry, New Hampshire and I have a similar relationship with my draft mare, Maggie. She is a Percheron/Belgian and is 11 years old. I have had her for 7 years now and I finally hope to show her dressage this year. You and your horse are an insiration to me. I struggle with self doubt at times and with losing some of my confidence after a bad fall (not my mare's fault at all-was galloping in a field and she ran over a wasp's nest and was stung several times on her belly). Anyhoo, maybe we may run in to one another at some point? My mare is big, bay, with a white star.