Sunday, March 8, 2009

Spring!! No, wait. Winter!

It's been a good week on the Brego front. I rode three times, twice in the indoor, and yesterday out in the sun, the blessed sun! Highs in the upper 50s. Spring! Of course, it is supposed to snow tonight. Winter.

Anyway, Brego has been loosening up and starting to work off the aids. It is amazing what his brain retains. It just reinforces how intelligent these animals are and how much of their perceived "dumbness" may be related to the physical, unable to perform the movements, in pain, etc.

Anyway, the first show of the season (a two-phase combined training) is at the end of April, so I used my outside ride yesterday as an excuse to drop by the neighbor who trains and inquire about lessons. We chatted for a bit and then setup a plan to start scouting for indoors to take lessons in. The indoor across the street may not allow outside trainers. Regardless, I am so excited to start lessons again. And jumping.

After visiting neighbor #1, we rode up the street and stopped by neighbor #3 who has the driving Morgan and the minis. We got the scoop on some good trails in the area that will be out from under snow in only four short weeks. We also got the fairground's schedule. They host shows most weekends of the summer, and they are two doors down as well. Mostly breed shows, but we may be able to pop into an open class just to get a round over fences in.

Both horses did very well. They were calm with the intermittent traffic on the road (I did wear my highway safety vest!) and stood patiently while we chatted with various people. After a winter of being limited in their external sensory activities, I was happy to see that they had not lost their brains.

Today is more sun (before the return of snow), so we're going to hit the road again. My street has a colossal hill that we can condition on at a walk (trot if it's dry). Any riding is good riding, at this point.


manymisadventures said...

Hooray for a good ride!

I feel bad for being grumpy about the return of cold weather here. 'Cold' meaning there's ice on the windshield in the morning and I need to wear my standard winter sweatshirt/vest/jacket combination.

But there's *definitely* no snow, and it's above I probably can't complain compared to you!

sidetracked said...

I know what your talking about with the weather, but this weekend was great for riding. I hit the barn both days and stayed the entire days. I had good rides on Possum getting reeady for show season and jumped some good courses, and worked with some of the youngsters and green horses as well to get them going, but most of all to keep me in shape! I'm definately looking forward to spring and bright and warm days.

Maybe Mae said...

Yay for the safety vest. I'm a big safety geek...more so now than when I was a kid, and my mother insisted I wear a bright orange sweatshirt when riding the wooded trails during deer season. I wanted to die. Well, err, except I didn't want to die, so I wore the ugly sweatshirt.