Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Brego has a Surprise

I just got a report from my vet in Texas that the unusual swelling Brego has near his boy parts is, in fact, an undescended testicle that has now found the light of day. For a week or so, we simply thought he was bitten by a snake while laying down sleeping.

So Brego is actually a stallion which explains a lot of his macho behavior, but does not explain his coat coloring *sigh*.

Because of his amazing ability, I am considering offering him for stud once we get the final fertility test to see if he can do the deed with a single, er, asset. I am also getting blood drawn to DNA test him to track down his registration papers. Woohoo!

So if you've always wanted a little Brego, the fates have transpired against all natural odds. Sign up now for a Brego baby!!


Edited To Add: Happy April Fool's Day, everyone!!


Funder said...

Oh my god! I was just thinking about having Poppy cloned, but it's SO expensive - this is great news! Can I breed Brego to my spotted TWH mare? We can call the babies Painted PercheWalkers and start a registry!

Daun said...

Hey funder,
I will only approve mares if they have attributes that would compliment Brego (e.g, small heads and long tails). :)

Maybe we can form a Huge Headed registry!

Serena said...

That is NUTS! No pun intended. :-)

Serena said...

SNAP!! You SO got me!

Beckz said...

Haha hilarious, fooled me. I was thinking Brego babies?? Eh surely he wouldn't be fertile :)