Friday, April 11, 2008

Howdy, Y'all

Today I fly back to Texas to be reunited with Brego. We will then begin the long journey back to New Hampshire and our new home. Hopefully the trip with be uneventful and not generate too much content for the blog, but I will update everyone upon my return.

Have a good week!


rachel! said...
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rachel! said...

(I'm reposting this to fix my typo -- sorry!)

Best of luck with your trip!

Also, totally unrelated, but I've been wondering: How did you go about training Brego to jump? Do you have a jumping trainer you work with? Have you trained other horses to jump in the past? Etc etc. My angle: I have a five year old Clyde/QH and I really want to get back into eventing. I had eventing lessons for many years before my college hiatus-from-horses, but I've never trained an eventer from scratch.

I would've emailed you directly to ask, but thought it might make an interesting post -- I'm sure there are others out there with the same sorts of questions. (I've been reading your blog for a while and I poked back through the archives some, but I didn't see anywhere that you've really addressed your background or the early day-to-day of Brego's jumping training -- forgive me if I missed any relevant posts!) Thanks!

My name is Roxie said...

Good lukk, Daun n Brego! I hope you is both safe an i hope Brego my boyfriend gets lots of foods in his trailur.

Daun said...

I hope I answered your question, but if not, please comment and I will be more specific!

Love you as always!! You make me laugh out loud every time I read you.