Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Voluntown, Connecticut

For the last night of the trip, we stayed in a State Forest in Voluntown, Connecticut. The forest was gorgeous, the other campers were frightening. Who knew you had to travel all the way to Connecticut to see the scariest rednecks of them all. I've been known to drop the f-bomb in polite company, but the expletives being shouted from that campsite had my ears bleeding. Just wow.

The horses did well with the 10 hour trip and slept on the highline overnight without incident. Every time I got up to check on them, Brego was sprawled out flat on the ground. He just might be getting tired, finally.

We took the morning to go for a ride in the forest. It was a perfect sunny day and Brego was calm enough to ride on the buckle, but moved smartly forward with the slightest pressure from my calf. We even jumped a few logs to clear the cobwebs. What a nice balance and it was like settling back into your favorite lounge chair. It felt good to be home.

Brego likes his new shoes

There is one more 4 hour drive today to arrive at our new boarding barn in Sanford, Maine. I am so excited to get them there. I had visited the barn a couple of times during the last 6 weeks and it already feels like home. The people are great, the horses look healthy and happy, and the amenities are extraordinary. I am really looking forward to getting back into the routine and taking on a couple of schooling shows in the next two months.

Of course, the perennial goal is to complete a recognized event this year. In a previous post, I discussed the "Percheron" part of the "Eventing Percheron" title. Now I need to get on that "Eventing" part. The move delayed our recognized debut by 6 months, but I think we'll be better for the extra work and change of scenery.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like an amazing trip! And those CT townies can be scary! You should join NEDA (New England Dressage Association) now that you are a yankie with a fancy dressage horse :P And I am sure there are plenty of recognized events around for whenever you are ready for them.

Daun said...

Thanks for the tip on NEDA. I am just trying to find out the scene here and plan my showing season. There are TONS of recognized events up here, at least 6 times as many as in beleaguered Area V, even with a shorter showing season. But I need to get some schoolies under my belt before I go recognized, in both eventing and dressage.

So I will check out the calendar and start signing up for some shows!