Thursday, February 26, 2009

Awake, Dark Prince

So yesterday, I sat down and produced the 2009 Brego Calendar of Events (Linky on the sidebar of my blog).  I went through the local shows and a couple recognized and plotted our course.  There's lots to do, even allowing that I won't do it all.  There's a five-show event series from a local barn with year end awards.  There's a USDF dressage show not far from me.  A couple of Combined Training shows at venues that also host recognized events (so excellent courses).  My hunt is hosting dressage shows, hunter paces, and more.  The USEA Beginner Novice championship for Area I is in Connecticut in July.  I am not sure if I am going to go for it, considering I am trying to stay local (and cheap).

But even without a couple of barns (who are late in posting show dates) listed in my calendar, we have a full roster: two to three shows a month until October, all within 30 miles, with $25/class entry fees.  Oh and cubbing season starts in August.  I love it!  

I am forgoing any showing in March and so our first outing will be late April.  That gives us about 6 weeks.  No problem.  Brego has lost a lot of weight, too much for being out of work, in fact, so I am upping his hay again.  Not to original, blubber-inducing amounts, but more.  I want him to lose weight because of conditioning, not because of starving.  I now feel like he is "trim" enough to start conditioning work though.  I no longer shudder when he trots across the pasture. 

It's going to be a fun year.  Local, low-key showing without pressure can only improve us, so when we get the farm under control, we can attack the recognized circuit with more confidence and experience in 2010.  It's important for me to remember that 2008 was the first year we really showed at all, our first events, our first dressage shows.  So we are no means behind schedule.

Here's some inspiration for all of us (click to embiggen):  Brego jumping a 3'3" triple bar.  He really is good, isn't he? (Ignore the rider :) )


sidetracked said...

Glad to see that you are still wanting to compete this year. I will be doing mostly the hunter circuit locally. New Boston Farm Shows, Stonewall Stables shows, The Downeast show in Skowhegan. High View Horse Show in Cumberland and maybe a few others as long as I can afford them. It's getting really expensive to show with the price of everything else going up.

manymisadventures said...

Sounds like a fun year you have planned :) Keep us updated.

Mama2Arden said...

The Brego is fantasticly awe inspiring.... and the show calendar means spring is finally, for real, coming!

sylvia said...

yay! glad you're going to go do some local stuff. sounds fun! that picture is FREAKING awesome.

Bev said...

Sounds like a great plan. I am amazed at how many shows are within 30 miles. Wow!

Jack and I were getting ready for our first show EVER -- a combined training test on March 7th. Then, for no obvious reason, he decided to buck me off on Sunday the 3rd time we went over a little tiny X. We were totally over it and I sat back up, gave a little half hault, and wham. He body slammed me. He has never tried to buck anybody off before, no matter what.

I got right back on but now I have trust issues. The biggest hissy fit he's ever thrown was to stomp his back foot once when he was wrong about being done for the day. My trainer and two other friends in the lesson who were watching all assure me I didn't do anything wrong, he was just being a jerk. I'd rather know I did do something because then I could fix it. This is not typical behavior for him. Now I'm going to have to work on building trust again.

Lizz Bishop said...

Brego looks soo amazing in the picture.
I on board with you about money and showing, this year is going to be a little harder than last, but a fun one.

Beckz said...

You are going to be very busy! I hope everything goes well, I'm sure he will be fit and ready in no time

Funder said...

He looks awesome in that picture :)

sally said...

well done you for competing locally, and what a great jump in the picture. My clydesdale x is also just getting back into jumping. We are just about to get started in our hunt season. Am bit nervous about jumping hedges again....need brave pills

Andrea said...

Oh hush about ignoring the rider. You two look absolutely fabulous together, and you know you're being modest!
If you do make it to Riga Meadow for the Championships, I'll be there to! I'm totally freaked out that the Novice Championships are also in July - not much time to qualify!!

Wrangler said...

Beautiful. I wish I could be out there jumping.

Anonymous said...

Do what you can and have fun. :) I remember going to shows in the pouring rain, knowing Key wasn't going to perform well (because he couldn't move his way out of a paper bag if there's mud), and hating every minute of it. For what, some stupid points?

The Brego has a lot of talent, and although you don't always realize it, you do too. :) You guys will have a great, confidence building year and then you'll go out in 2010 and start taking on, and taking out, those TBs! "Don't call it a comeback!" :P!

Daun said...

Thanks everyone! I appreciate the vote of confidence!

I am sorry to hear about Jack, but trust me, I know exactly what you are saying. Brego and I have trust issues. Not only from his somewhat less frequent outbursts, but because he has fallen with me. So not only do I have to steel myself when he acts up, but even when he is behaving, he nearly flipped on me over a perfectly normal fence. It's hard. Very hard. Especially since I am not very brave. Which may be why this year is good. Nice easy courses, no rush to "qualify", no pressure.

You are Jack are going to do great! Just ride like nothing happened, horses have short memories and he will be the same horse you love again.

I appreciate your comment. I love that picture because Brego is freakin' awesome, easily holding his own with good form. I hate that picture because it shows how weak my upper body is. The boy has a very powerful jump and if I don't collapse and lower my center of gravity, I fall behind. When I get stronger, I can ride his jump without "shortcuts", but I am not there yet. When you visit to get some good food, I'll let you jump him and give me some pointers! Everyone who has ever taken him over a 3' fence says I make it look easier than it is. That's a lot of mass hurtling through space that I am trying to hold on to.

DIJ, Aw, you are my biggest fan. And I yours. I will admit I have a notion of feel and balance, but my body control, awareness and strength are non-existent. I will get there, but it's hard to keep up with Brego. We both started at the same point, but he is improving faster than I. :)