Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Back to Indoors

We went back to the indoor today. It's been awhile, to say the least. I think it's far to say that Brego and I are out of shape and coordination. Our brains are willing, it's our bodies that are the problem.

Brego is a smartie and hasn't forgotten a single thing. He's not as quick off the leg or soft, and certainly is crazy stiff to the left (his bad side), but he was cooperative and certainly put in an effort.

I don't think either one of us are in a hard core work frame of mind, so honest effort is plenty good enough.

A neighbor from down the street was also riding in the indoor. She has Saddlebreds and comes down to ride a few nights a week. We hit it off and are already planning all the exploring we are going to be doing in the summer. It's nice to be surrounded by horse people. So including our new friend, that makes 6 out of 9 houses in this little area that have horses. We've got dressage mustangs, cowboy versatility Quarter Horses, Saddleseat Saddlebreds, trail horses, minis, Standardbred sulky trotters, and of course, our two eventers/foxhunters.

Maybe I won't miss the big shows so much this year. I will have plenty to do just keeping up with the Joneses.


sylvia said...

That sounds like quite the motley crüe. Glad you could get a ride in the indoor! You will have an excellent summer of fun!

Laura said...

Sounds like a great neighbourhood - glad you are making connections.

Riding in the indoor is a nice way to just get some time in the saddle.

Zeus'Mom said...

I was doing a blanket search and came across your blog. This is so cool! I have a big Friesian/Percheron(supposed) cross. I have been told by Friesian people that he looks full Friesian, but whatever. I don't care if he was part pony, I love him either way. It's just cool to see someone else riding and showing another 'big boy' My guy's name is Zeus aka 'Biggy' (a very fitting nickname) he's the biggest boy in our barn! He's about 17.2 and he's 5/6 yrs old. Do you have a facebook? I'd love for you to see some pics of my big boy! I've never done a blog, I just registered so I can read your blog and leave comments. The pics are so cute, he is just adorable! So many people don't think the big boys can jump but my boy loves it! It's good to get in touch with other people who ride the big boys also to find out which blankets and other tack works for them. How do you like the "big fella" blankets? We live in MI and he ripped his so badly I had to toss it so he's 'naked' and has a trace clip so he needs a new blankey!

Funder said...

Pffft, a bunch of trotting horses and some Saddlebreds. (They're like the crazy great-aunts of the gaited horses, IMO!) You need some Paso or KMH or even TWH neighbors. ;)

jacksonsgrrl said...

Ummmm. Grrrl! All I can say is damn amen to that blessing! Yahoo! Not sure if I've i've ever commented on your blog--aghh! have I been a lurker? Well, no, not so much, just enjoying! If you have horsie neighbors, just bow down to God and know you've done something right! HOORAY. Have fun!
---:) grin... jacksonsgrrl from San Antonio

Daun said...

Welcome Zeus'Mom and Jacksonsgrrl!

I do like the Big Fella blankets. Brego's size (width) changes so much that I have never had a perfectly fitting blanket, so I do get rubs. But that's my fault. The Big Fellas have come the closest to fitting him. They are good quality for a great price. I've requested that they make a wool cooler for the big guys. I hope they do, then I can spend more money there. Their blankets have held up so well, that I have not bought any replacements.

Funder, you should move to the area and school us Yankees! :)

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

super fun to have people to ride with!

kritter keeper said...

just found your blog and jumped to eventing immediately. awesome info. thank you! and i absolutely loved the fox hunting blogs. not a fh myself but can only dream to be that brave. do you read any of rita mae brown's fox hunting mysteries?