Friday, August 17, 2007


It's about a month out from the show and we got a break in the heat so I decided to do some conditioning work to see how far Brego was from being able to complete a Beginner Novice course. We did two 5 minute-trot sets, 3 minutes of walking between. Then 2 two-minute canter sets finishing up with a nice little gallop across the field. He did wonderful, although he was confused why he needed to continue cantering for that long and kept asking to stop. A little leg on though and he finished fine, sweating even less than during our normal dressage workouts. So I think he'll be good to go.

I saw this fun video of a very athletic horse at a Baby Novice in Fair Hill and I was a little intimidated. Brego has some jumping work to do before we go out there and run a course. He can definitely do the height, it's barely above a canter stride, after all. It's just I don't know if his baby brain knows he can do it. I am hoping for a really inviting course at Indian Creek next month, but I am very worried we might have to jump The Wall!

Methinks we might start back into jumping once this bout of rain from Tropical Storm Erin has passed...

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