Friday, August 10, 2007

More Flatwork... Again

We're not quite half-way through August and we're on track with our dressage work. Although it's very challenging and rewarding to work on balance and bending, I am beginning to look forward to September when I will be jumping again. I like to mix it up before Brego and I get too bored.

I am not progressing much past practicing what I learned in my last dressage lesson until my trainer gets back into town. I am committed to giving Brego the best chance at being successful and I think I need professional help to make sure I am not going to make him tense or unwilling.

I had someone take some pictures and, I have to admit, my riding is poor. My upper body is sloppy and I can't seem to get rid of my Puppy Dog Hands of Ineffectiveness. But hey, this blog would be pretty boring if everyone was perfect. No wait, it wouldn't because I would be going to Rolex, baby!

In addition to my riding, Brego is still fighting sore feet from the two months of mud and thrush earlier in the summer. He's been dry for two weeks and it looks like his feet have made some long term changes for the worst. His sole is pretty flat and thin and not as concave as it had been. So even though we ride in a grassy pasture, he's still not 100% confident on his feet. It's just going to take time for him to grow back the thick sole callous he needs.

Here's some poor quality videos of Brego walking, trotting, and a wobbly shoulder fore. Additional still photos are on flickr. Just remember, measure progress, not perfection!

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