Thursday, August 23, 2007

Jumpity Jump Jump

More jumping training yesterday. We worked on canters between two 2' fences set on a circle at 3 and 9 o'clock in the arena. It was very hot and humid and the footing in the arena was pretty deep so all in all, very tiring work.

Brego did well and we worked on maintaining a quality canter between the fences and I attempted to correct some of my more glaring jumping faults, like poor release and falling back in the air. I was only mildly successful so I am really grateful I have a jumping lesson this Saturday.

We finished up jumping a 2'10" jump and Brego did wonderfully. He had a lot more impulsion and power than during free jumping and didn't even flick an ear at the fence. He's very brave, just not very coordinated yet. He cleared everything with ease until he tripped and we nearly had a crash. He hit the pole both with his front legs and his back legs and nearly rolled on himself. I managed to stay centered or else I would have been a goner. Miraculously, everyone stayed up, including the pole (he knocked it down later just to prove it could be done!). I trotted him out and he was fine, but the next time over the fence he over jumped by about 3 feet. Poor guy, just not overly coordinated.

He worked hard under hot conditions so he gets another day off, then a light hack on Friday. Saturday it's my lesson with my jumping trainer.

Additional video.

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