Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Big News #3 (Con't): USEA Article

Great news! In addition to USEA publishing an article about Brego, the author has graciously sent it along and given me permission to post it on this blog!

So without further ado:

USEA Eventing Percheron Profile

If you enjoy the article, please contact the USEA and tell them they are doing a great job!


Anonymous said...

Congratualations to both of you for a very nice article. Just love those Percherons!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the article - it was great!

HorseOfCourse said...

Thanks! And how nice of them to make it available without any complications. You have to tell them that they get a world wide audience, lol!

I agree with you that whatever work we are doing with our horses, it should be in a setting where both parties enjoy the work.
Keeping the work varied is a good way.
Praising your horse during work, having fun and make them feel as "King of the Arena" also helps, lol!
I believe that the best way to get progress in the training is to try and get the horse to love the work. And if the work takes longer time than planned, it doesn't matter because your horse and yourself have fun together along the way.
And we are doing this for fun, right? ;)

Maybe Mae said...

That was awesome! I love the photos they used, too. It's too bad they didn't mention your blog, but it was a great article. Good for you and Brego! Don't let him get a big head, now. (Oh, wait....)

manymisadventures said...

So cool! I loved reading the article, thanks for sharing with us :)

Jean said...

Congratulations. What a lovely article. Your comments are spot on about enjoying the horse you have for whatever he can do. So many people spend years trying to find just the right horse to do one thing well and they end up missing out on what riding, training, and just being a true horseman are all about.

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous article. I will share with my riding buddies. Then they will understand when I tell them that my big perch can do it.

Andrea said...

That was awesome!! I was waiting to get my copy in the mail before I commented but I didn't have to wait any longer, lol. I think Brego should totally meet that little Maarta horse, I think they would have a grand time trying to kick each others' butts!

giddyupchubby said...

You guys are our heroes!
See, you don't need to be a skinny Thoroughbred to be a centerfold in the USEA mag!!!
My draft-cross and I our hoping to complete our first beginner novice event in less than 48 hours (WOOHOO!). And, like with Brego, they'll definitely hear us coming!
I'm so impressed with his fitness and training - we've been, uh, struggling. Check out our travails at: giddyupchubby.wordpress.com.

McFawn said...


You are a great spokesperson for Eventing and for "off breeds" (and, by extension, all horses since they all deserve riders who believe in them).
Great article.

P.S. I live in the boonies so I usually never get to see your riding videos (dial-up!) I'm at a coffee shop with WI Fi and just saw your dressage video. Great work. Your horse looks fun to ride and your riding reminds me of mine.

As someone with similar strengths/weaknesses, I'd say my only comment on the video is relax your knees (Given your lower leg, they seem to be gripping and/or just tense) so your legs drape around the horse more. Think of stepping on your little toe so your weight is transferred to the outside of your foot, allowing your knee to open and your leg to relax down.

I know the dressage video is old news now, but I so rarely get to watch online videos so I thought I'd give my two cents while I have a chance!

Serena said...

totally awesome.