Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dressage Show Videos - Arabian Show

I have finally uploaded the videos from last weekend's dressage show. I appreciate your patience as it takes over 2 hours per video to get it downloaded from the camera, edited, rendered, uploaded to Vimeo, etc.

In rewatching the videos, it appears that by the second test (four warmups and an hour of waiting), Brego is moving forward per say, but he's really strung out and needs to be better balanced. He's a good boy, trying hard for me, but I was wrong to ask him so much, when instead I should have focused on the quality of the work instead of go, go, go. It's a good lesson to learn, and if I had stopped chasing him so much, my position would have improved and I would have been able to ask for more balance.

The judge astutely commented as such in the general remarks: "Lots of activity but needs more half halts for balance." I interpret her notion of half halts as "balancing" instead of "go and whoa".

Regardless, enjoy the videos, and good boy Brego for giving such an amazing test considering the circumstances! There's almost a stretchy trot in there in test 3! Woot!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the videos - I love watching you guys together - you look great as a pair!

HorseOfCourse said...
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HorseOfCourse said...

It looks good, Daun!
What I like is that you have a nice activity in him.
I also believe that he has a good balance, he will engage more behind as he gets stronger.
What exercises do you work with in the trainings now?

Jean said...

Nice rides. I do like the first one better as he is not so rushed. But actually, aside from: the little bobble in the canter, the not quite stretch down trot--he needs to put his nose out and down, and the missed turn at X with the halt at G...yeah, there is an I and you where there...*G* that is a nice test too. Those few little errors might have dropped enough points to put you in 2nd.

Brego looks so much lighter going since the last tests I saw. He looks "easy to ride" and nicely responsive to the aids. Good job of training the big boy.

eggb4thechicken said...

Congrats on your placing. :) Nicely done!

Susan and Becca the Percheron said...

Do you have any idea how much your dressage has improved during these past few months? The two of you are REALLLLLLY coming together!
Really great job!!!!

Andrea said...

He looks fab! He gives that impression of light, responsive and easy to ride. I can't wait to hear how it translates into jumping!
And you, my friend, have lost weight. How hot are you! Show off those sexy white britches!

Julia said...

I just stumbled on your blog... I posted another comment that was perhaps a bit over enthusiastic but I am really excited!
When I first started watching these videos I thought it was my Khan. They look so similar it's incredible, although Khan does have a lot of Friesian in him.
I have a lot of the same issues you do with feet, conditioning, worries about stress...and your descriptions of your journey make me excited about mine.

Denise Conroy said...

Thank you for sharing your success and struggles with all of us!! I have a curly draft cross and we are in our first 2 weeks of dressage training. I wanted to think it was hopeless til I read your blog and saw all that you have been able to accommplish with your boy. It's awesome!!! I wouldn't trade my heavy boy for anything, but sure would like to see him using his body better. I look forward to learning more and hope you will continue to post in the coming year.