Sunday, August 23, 2009


Today I rode Brego in the arena before making any changes to his feet. I wanted to see if I could feel what I felt yesterday on the hunt in a controlled environment. I was really dismayed when we fired up the trot and it was there: the rocking, the stiffness, the unwillingness to go forward.

I took Brego back to the barn and rasped the breakover on the shoe more to the outside. I didn't do a complete job (hard work on a hot, humid day), but I did enough so that if there was a breakover issue, I would be able to tell.

I headed back to the arena and asked for a trot. He was much improved! What a relief!! His right fore seemed to be back to normal but now his left was wonky. He also was able to soften down and didn't feel like he was jackhammering his legs. Whew.

So now Brego will get a couple days off and his breakover will be improved in my absence by my incredibly dedicated SO. It's back to work out of state for the week. When I return next weekend, we have another big hunt day. I am sincerely hoping that his shoe issues will be resolved, that I am not torquing his legs with every stride, and I can enjoy the rest of the hunt season without incident!

Tally ho!


Jean said...

Glad Brego feels better. Could be it will take him a bit of time to get used to shoes.

A thought too. Does he have flat soles? My old TB had a big round foot with flat soles and his shoes needed to be beveled on the inside rim to them from touching his sole. If the shoer didn't do that he would get short strided and once, even lame.

Jean said...

That's "to keep them from touching his soles." Yesh.

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

Shoeing problems are such sticky wickets. I sure hope his get worked out soon!

Ellen said...

I have loved reading about your adventures with Brego. I also own a Percheron and event with her. Bonita's Stats: 13yrs old (give or take a few). Color: Grey with a beautiful long tail Weight: 1600lbs She is shod all the way around. I have had her for a little over 2yrs now along with my 15yr old Thoroughbred gelding Moon. She too had Horrible feet when I first purchased her but has been completely sound with regular trims and shoes.