Friday, August 7, 2009

Repost: The Brego Identity

I ran across a thread in an online forum which pondered whether Brego was in fact a full Percheron or if he was a Thoroughbred cross. The implication is, of course, that his talent is the result of the light horse cross and I was glossing over that fact to promote him (and myself, I dare say). I got a good chuckle from the debate. Anyone who has seen Brego in person has no doubt of his lineage.

In the interest of full disclosure, here is a repost of my original discussion Brego's breed:

Of note, is the fact that when that was written, Brego was some kind of crazy orange/brown from the sun in Texas. Since moving to New England, he looks like any other black horse, which is consistent with the Percheron breed.

Here's a post where I show pictures of his feathered feet and hooves. And here's a conformation shot, showing his plow horse-like short canon bones. If anyone has any light to shed on the Big Boy's history or background, I would love to do more research!



Anonymous said...

I haven't seen him in person, but he sure looks like a draft to me! People certainly do seem to have their breed prejudices - I don't mind preferences, but prejudices are another matter entirely. A good horse can be any breed or color, and performance is performance.

Golden the Pony Girl said...

He looks like a perch to me! Who knows though as my trainer has a perch/tb that looks like mostly perch to me as well though she swears he is 1/2 and 1/2. Here are some photos of him I thought you may enjoy as he reminds me of Brego. His name is Ever. That is me on him taking a lesson. What are your thoughts? mostly Perch or can you see the TB?

I think what you guys do is amazing either way. Since Bodhi is on the light side of Haflinger and athletic as well people are always questioning his full blood halfinger status. My question to the nay sayers is what is he mixed with!?!?

dp said...

Gah! I can't believe people would spend time talking about this because it doesn't bloody matter. He's your horse, he's a big guy and you do cool stuff with him. End of story (or at least that's where I stop listening...).

Daun said...

Thanks, you are always so encouraging!

Golden, definite cross. Notice the croup, the neck and the head. Cute boy, though!

I suppose they care because it challenges the prejudices.

Full drafts can't event, well maybe BN.
Draft crosses can do lower levels.
TBs to do upper levels.

Of course, I know at least one draft cross who is MUCH larger than Brego. Heavier, harder on himself. Even his rider admits it. But he is a cross, so it's ok for him to go Training. Brego, a full, can NEVER do it.

It forces people to actually use their brains and evaluate the horses and individuals, in ability and conformation. People hate to use their brains.

Anonymous said...

Hi Daun,

I was at the Wild Rose Draft Horse sale this spring in Olds, Alberta. There were many full Percherons there, some sold unregistered, also many registered. Yep, many were the same orangey-brown too..also with docked tails. I don't think that any of the hundred horses auctioned there were from the pmu industry, although some may wind up there. They were mostly shown in harness or halter. None as beautiful as Brego, or my big girl.

I also saw a bunch of grey Percherons from Garth Klein. They were all named Klein's ____ and I am guessing that is where Klein's Olinda hails from.

Jennifer said...

I would say he is full Perch for sure!!! I have a Bay, half Perch/half Belgian that did come from a PMU farm in Canada (Manitoba). And I had looked at a few Perch farm foals as well. A few of the Perch farms had foals with docked tails. Have you had him checked for a microchip?? I know my guy has one since he was registered with NAERIC.