Saturday, May 31, 2008

All the Buzz About Brego

Even though Brego looked like he was slicking out, after the conditioning ride yesterday I could tell he was carrying some extra hair. So I brought out some new blades and clipped the big boy. There's a lot of surface area on that horse.

It took about three hours, but I removed three shovelfuls of clipped hair. I also took the opportunity to re-roach his mane. We don't have any impending shows, except maybe this hunter jaunt, so I was buzzed it pretty rough. He looks a lot better though, all close cut and you can see better muscle definition.

A couple things about this picture, which was taken in mid clip. His mane was not done yet. Yes, he is really that shiny. I blame his diet. And yes, he is that brown. *sigh* He's faded pretty fast from even a couple of weeks ago. He also wanted to show his supreme boredom after standing in the cross ties that long with his dangling lower lip. It's almost like he's part marsupial with his lip pouch, waiting for me to stuff it full of cookies. You know, 'cause that's the way he rolls.

That is the best picture though, because you can really see his coat bizarreness. Along the top of his back is a year old hair that is left from his old saddle-shaped patch. Then below that, you can see the outline of the flaps of the "saddle pad" which had more hair and so did not bleach in the Texas sun. Around the saddle patch, you can see his dead, truly yellow hair which was badly damaged by the sun in Texas. Then along his neck you have new, less damaged hair. But at his shoulder you can see some prominent fading spots where it is a lighter brown. The horse is freeky deeky.


Funder said...

Brego looks so crazy in the summer! And yeah, it's just bizarre how long they hang on to their winter coats. Weird color aside, he looks wonderful. :)

Miss Leah said...

Where did you find that leather halter big enough to fit a draft? All I can find are those ugly, HUGE ones and I want a pretty leather halter for my draft X.

Daun said...

miss leah,
I got that particular leather halter from State Line Tack which I believe is now owned by Country Supply. It also looks like draft tack might have one here:

Best of luck!