Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tagged (Again)

Beckz over at I Will Jump Sweet Jumps tagged me again with the latest round of internet viral propagation fluffery. I am still planning my revenge, but in the meantime...

Name 4 jobs you have had-
-Stable Manager for Paso Fino farm in Houston, Texas
-Lead groom for polo guy in Austin, Texas
-Writing software for big company
-Turn coffee into lines of code

4 ways you know you are living your life with purpose-
-I have a purpose?
-I still count the minutes until I get to see my horse. Every day.
-I am still learning
-I know my (soul sucking) job does not define me

4 things you do to take really good care of yourself-
-Stay away from processed foods
-Get adequate sleep
-Quit drinking coffe once a year
-No soda. Ever.

what are the 4 events that have most formed how you live your life today-
-Going to Cornell (i.e., getting the hell out of Texas)
-Going to Oxford (i.e., gettng the hell out of the States)
-Meeting my MUCH better half
-Finding Brego in someone's backyard and kinda liking his goof ball charm

what are the 4 things you do to keep your motivation up to work out and eat healthy or what are 4 careers you have considered-
-Seeing Becky Holder look Ab Fab at Role 2008
-Exercising a draft horse every day, I know exactly how he feels...
-Not getting any younger
-Too much to do to slow down

Name the 4 people that have been the most influential in your life-
-My advisor at Cornell who convinced me to go to Oxford
-My friend/trainer/horsey friend who is rude enough to tell me all the things I need to work on :)
-My MUCH better half for loving me for who I am, not who I will be
-Brego for loving me even when I am a jerk and I am wrong

4 reasons for staying away from refined sugar or 4 foods you will not eat-
-How I feel after a soda is reason enough
-Pasteurized Milk

4 reasons you blog-
-I couldn't find ANY information on drafts as "sport horses" when I got started
-I am so focused on what I need to do, I don't reflect on what I have done. Blogging helps me look back.
-Inspire others to love the horse they have and not go chasing the next big Warmblood
-Keeps me honest about my approach and motives. I get lots of feedback, positive and negative, when I screw up.

I refuse to pass this along, but my heart is in the right place. :)


MARGIE said...

you're so right about Becky! She was a bombshell at Rolex. GO GIRL!!! She's my hero!!

OneHorseFarms said...

I stumbled across your blog when I searched on "Percheron Tack" and it pulled up your entry about eventing tack to fit a Percheron.

I bought a 1/2 Percheron from a PMU farm in 2004 and it was love at first sight when my four month old colt arrived. I am now a rabid fan of everything draft and 1/2 draft.

I look forward to reading more of your entries!

~ Jacqueline (Jax) and Phoenix