Saturday, May 10, 2008

Dressage Practice

A day after starting to figure things out jumping, I was back in my dressage saddle, trying to find my position again. I only have a few riding days until our first show of the season, a dressage show, so I wanted to run through a test to see where we are. Unfortunately, I forgot the tests from last year, so I had to make it up based upon the location of the other riders in the arena. The other riders were very good sports as I careened around, and waited patiently for me to finish my faux test in a corner. I really love this barn!

Anyway, Brego was fun and energetic. I have just started adding a 30% Protein Triple Crown feed to his mix to help him keep up with the work and maintain weight. I can't believe I just said that, but he has honestly gone down a couple of girth holes. Anyway, maybe it's the new feed or maybe it's getting more fit, but he was very easy to ride. So although the test I rode in the video is not the most spectacular he has ever looked, I am very happy with it because it was so easy to ride. He stayed in the canter without my usual lower leg death grip, something I am very much trying to unlearn.

Tomorrow, we will go for a long trail ride. Monday and Tuesday we will work on the actual tests, if I can remember them. He will get Wednesday and Thursday off due to work commitments on my part. And then it's going to be show time!

I am hoping to scope some trainers during the next two shows. I have not finalized any trainers in my area yet, but I am on the hunt.


Anonymous said...

Good idea to scope out trainers at shows. That is what I always tell people to do when they are looking. I mean if you can find someone who is cool, calm, and informative at a show working with students in a crazy warm up chances are they are even better at home!

Daun said...

Thanks, onthebit! I like to watch the students as well, not the ones who win, but the ones who ride their horse effectively, relaxed, and happy. I am not out to make it to the upper levels. I am out to be the best horse person I can be for my horse.

The amount of eventing exposure is a real step up from Texas. I am looking forward to finding real eventing trainers to work with!