Sunday, May 18, 2008

Dressage Show Success

This past week I have been remiss in posting because I fell victim to a fun bout of food poisoning. Yay! As a result, Brego got lots of time off, and my dressage show became less and less of a priority over, say, eating and not passing out. Oh, and getting to work.

Regardless, Sunday turned out to be a beautiful day in New Hampshire, and we went a' showing sans schooling or practicing. At this point, my goal was to stay in the saddle and stay in the arena. I am very happy to report that Brego won his first blue ribbon! The "Always a bride's maid, never a bride" curse has been lifted! We won our Training Level Test 1 class and placed second in our Training Level Test 2 class. Three cheers for the big Brego!

It was also a good day, because I was obviously not feeling my strongest and even had several dizzy spells during warm up. And Brego was such a good boy and did not pull any of his warm up hijinks he has relished in the past. He was a complete professional and won the hearts of the show organizers and many of the spectators who commented on the appropriateness of his show name: Quite the Casanova.

The farm where the show was hosted was incredibly beautiful and the judging was a little tighter than I was used to in Central Texas. This is definitely a horse-knowledgeable slice of the world, with better judging and stiffer competition, even in the training levels. How I just need to find the trainers to help me to the next level.

Now we both get a couple more days off, but not too long because... [insert excited squealing and jumping up and down], we are signed up for our very first Hunter's Pace next weekend. Woohoo! I feel like I have finally arrived in horsey heaven. We NEVER had an opportunity to go to a pace in Texas. Now, there are more activities than we have time for. I can't wait to see how Brego does over the 10 mile course. No fence will be over 3 feet so I am hoping to jump most, if not all, of them. Ahhh... to much horse sport, too little time.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to USDF region 8...I think the hardest in the country (I have only been to 3 though but still) so you really must have earned that blue! Congrats and I hope you can actully start eating again at some point :P

Anonymous said...

and I just watched the video and can see why you was so rhythemical and even as well as very geometric! Well done! And I have to add that your big boy did a 5 minute test in 3 minutes...he just has a bigger stride! Excellent job.

Daun said...

Thanks so much! The show was just a schooling show, but it really showed me where I need to go. The judges comments were very fair and accurate. I will probably attempt a USDF recognized show in the fall after I work on my independent seat and hands some more to allow Brego to come into more consistent contact. Always more to learn and do!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a plan but at training level the horse shouldn't have to be in consistent contact just yet...some judges do forget that though. And you should have fun at a recognized show up will get to ride with some big time dressage people I am sure. You didn't mention finding any trainer interesting at the show...maybe you will have better luck as the show season goes on.

Daun said...

I saw only a few trainers, since my tests were close together and I didn't stay to watch the whole day. Echo Ridge Farm itself looks like a wonderful place, and maybe I can haul in for lessons. I also have a lead on someone who will come to my barn and people like her. I need to balance dressage with jumping, these days, so I will likely try to hone in on a jumping trainer before dressage. Brego is perfectly capable of Beginner Novice from a dressage perspective and the big goal of this year is to go recognized in eventing. The jury is still out on the jumping. :) This show was good to get out there and see how far we've come and get some objective feedback on the next steps. I just am not sure when I will focus on the next steps (aside from better seat and hands which improves everything). Riding is such a mental exercise, so much to study.

Sarah O said...


Serena said...

Congratulations! That is SO awesome. I'll have to watch those videos tomorrow when i am trying to avoid working. :-)

Roxie sends misspelled congratulations also. ;-)

Daun said...

Sarah O,
Thanks for your congrats! I am still riding high, so proud of Brego.

Thanks for your contrats as well! I love me some Roxie! Send her my love. I still laugh over some of her posts every time I think of them. Love the mean roommate horse!!

Anonymous said...

Holy cow, that is incredible! Congrats on the win and on triumphing over feeling sickly. Once again, you are an inspiration!

Simply Marvelous said...

Congratulations! You both deserved those wins. Love that Brego! And ... the rider looked terrific!