Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Little Love

I am so thrilled to be given the "I Love Your Blog" Award by Beckz over at I Will Jump Sweet Jumps. Her exploits never cease to inspire me to ride better.

I would like to pass the love around to one of my favorite blogs. This blog literally makes me laugh out loud with every entry. The subject of the blog is super cute and it's so original and fun. So I award the "I Love Your Blog" Award to I Is Roxie!

Minor Brego update: We had a nice soft ride tonight. I am really trying to focus on him relaxing his jaw and bending through his neck. This included some in hand work and then some softening at the walk and trot. Finally, Brego carried a new rider today, my usual riding buddy left her Thoroughbred mare to try out Brego. He has a lot to teach newer riders about how to ride a bouncy trot and how to feel balance. All your angles need to work with you to keep you in the saddle. When his 1500 lbs cascades out of balance, it's hard to miss. Anyway, he was a good boy and showed off for the new rider and I was very proud of him. It was also nice to hear from a rather exhausted rider at the end that I make him look easy. That's what it is all about. :)

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My name is Roxie said...

HOORAY!!! I is onnered that you an Brego my boyfrend loves my blog! I loves yr blog too an the secund i figure it owt, I'll re-ward this a-ward. To you. Daun.