Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Honest Truth

I had my trusty photographer out to film a short jumping session today. Brego did well at dressage yesterday, but due to some inherent stubbornness from both horse and rider, we worked a little longer than usual. So of course, Brego was tired and heavy for jumping today.

I set up a one stride and an oxer and worked on holding one hand out to the side to get my upper body to behave. My lower leg, however, does not come close to behaving and my position is very loose. The video does not lie.

Honestly, I am not thrilled with my riding, but I promised to post the bad with the good, so here it is. I even added slow motion so you can enjoy every jiggle and wobble. *sigh*

The only good news I can think of is I have five more weeks of jumping work before our first jumping show. The bad news is that I have one week before our dressage show and the flatwork is not exactly inspiring either. It's amazing how weak a couch potato like myself can get without riding for six weeks.

Oh and the other good news is that I am damn lucky Brego is such an honest and good boy.


Anonymous said...

It really doesn't look that bad...yes I agree with you that you leg moves...but you are not going to the McClay Medal Finals are you? You know you are just getting back in the swing of things so don't be so hard on yourself! I am positive that even Karen O'Conner would need some time to get back into riding after 6 weeks off and another traveling across the country to pick up a horse! Good luck in your dressage show!

Sarah O said...

Don't be so hard on yourself! I've been reading your blog for the last few weeks and I've gone back through the archives - I really admire your intelligent approach and ambition. You're definitely on the right track.

I've just started a blog of my own:
If you like it I'd love it if you'd include a link!

Simply Marvelous said...

You both look pretty terrific to me! Details come later. You both went over the jump, not into the jump or through the jump. Sounds like success to me! Bravo!

Daun said...

Thanks for all the supportive comments. I do think I am too hard on myself, but Brego deserves the best and that includes better riding!

I appreciate the vote of confidence!

Sara, I really enjoyed your blog and I know I will learn a lot about dressage. I put a link to it on Brego's blog. Best of luck!