Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Breather

I have been watching some minor puffiness on Brego's right hind fetlock, right at the base of the tendon for about a week. No heat, no visible lameness, bilateral, about the size of a quarter and negative to palpation. It seems like some stocking up, but Brego's other three legs are clean. I am thinking that the ride through the mud at the last show where we took out a coop or two might have strained him. Brego has perfect legs, knock on wood, so puffiness or swelling is a big deal.

He jumped around fine yesterday, I didn't notice anything about his movement. The swelling appeared a bit better today before the ride. I rode him in dressage today, and we just did a short session. I wanted to see if the swelling improved with work. He did not really want to engage and looking at the video, I think I can detect the slightest unevenness at the sitting trot. After the ride, the puffiness remained and he seemed to be more sensitive to palpation. So the big boy gets 5 days off and I gave him some bute tonight to see if it helps with the inflammation.

I can honestly say that this is the first time Brego has been lame since I owned him, but I am not going to push it at all. We have plenty of time before the show (insert minor gasping panic noise here), and the most important thing is that he holds up for the long haul.

Plus, it gives me more time to track down leads on that "other" dressage horse I am going to take lessons on.

So if you don't hear from me for a few days, don't panic. Brego is just getting some much needed rest.


Tripple Spring said...

My gelding had something similar to this...I poulticed him for a couple of days and just hand walked him and within four days or so he was as good as new - though there is some a tiny bit of permanent puffiness there that only I can see.

spotteddrafter said...

Poor Brego! :( I'm sure he'll appreciate the days off though. What a good momma to notice the puffiness and not just "ride through it" as some would. Give him a pat for me! :)

Anonymous said...

Feel better, Brego! Hopefully it's nothing major. Koda occasionally stocks up on one side... I blame it on the fact that he really is a giant drama queen. ;)

Laura said...

Hi - just found your blog! I've enjoyed reading your past posts. You and Brego seem to be doing well together!

Don't be too hard on yourself wrt your weight and your riding skills. You are trying hard and willing to work on your weak spots - that in itself says alot. I'm in a very similar situation to you in that regard. I don't jump though - I'm too chicken!

Keep up with the interesting posts!