Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Flying Changes

Sorry for the flurry of posts, but I had to add this one as well.

Today was a great day! I sent off my big entry, I may have found a farm to purchase, my company (finally) paid me my token signing bonus. But most importantly of all, Brego and I performed our first flying change tonight... on purpose!

From left to right, not the prettiest thing in the world, but oh! the boy is smart. Tons of praise and pets and we quit immediately for the night. We'll get them smoothed out in no time. In other news, Brego can also counter canter with incredible balance three times around the indoor. Who knew?

Now I need to stop playing and start practicing my Training level tests for the schooling show this weekend. More supple, more bend, sayeth the last judge.

Speaking of flying changes, another great blog that I can't live without.


Anonymous said...

I cannot say enough good things about counter cantering. It has helped Klein SOOOOOO MUCH with her balance. Even just over a week time span I saw and felt and improvement in her.

Katie said...


Thats awesome!

Congrats! Can't wait to hear more!

Emily said...

Just wanted to say that I have recently purchased an 18 hand Percheron, and I love your blog. I have ridden horses since I was 8, and have consistently been outgrowing them as I go. I am 6 ft. tall, and not petitely built, and I have had a fun time trying to find a horse to fit me. I saw a Percheron gelding up for sale this winter near my home, and started looking around to see if a "draft" horse would have the ability "jump". I by no means have aspirations to go to the Olympics, but love the sport of eventing and mostly just love horses. Needless to say after finding and reading your sight, I have purchased my very own big boy. So now the fun begins.

Hopefully, I will one day be able to start up my own blog to help spread the versatility of these wonderful horses just as you have done.