Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Show Prep - Dressage

Brego and I have a three-phase schooling show this weekend, so I spent this evening learning my Beginner Novice Dressage Test A. Brego has been doing really well at softening down without falling on his forehand. Nothing too earth-shattering happened tonight, just some good solid work and test memorization.

Dressage aficionados out there will appreciate my improvements in upper body balance and length. My hands are still not close to "thumbs on top", but my elbows feel more supple and my hands are softer. You can see Brego's reaction is to reach into the contact, even if he drops too low at times.

Anyway, enjoy the pictures! I apologize for the quality. The little point-and-shoot camera does not work very well in the indoor.

Sitting Trot Up The Center Line


Anonymous said...

Photo quality good or bad, you guys are lookin' GOOD! Good luck this weekend!!

Anonymous said...

He is such a handsome boy, & you both look v professional! Viz one of your previous posts, the Big B doesn't look any draftier than, eg, a Friesian in those pics, just hunky :)

Best of luck with the w/e. It's been a real pleasure following you & B's development in this adventure, thank you for sharing.