Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Making Time

It's been a busy week, and I am only half way through. This is the final week for a project at work and I have already logged 35 hours and it's only Wednesday. Additionally, I have a show this weekend and I am determined to learn from my past mistakes, so we're also getting some riding in.

Monday and Wednesday are dressage days. Brego had Tuesday off. We worked on the usual stuff, balance, softness, quieter hands, energy, pushing from behind. In the video, Brego looks more refreshed on Monday, a little more energy. But Wednesday, we both look softer. The downward transitions are coming along. Some are abrupt, but some are a lot nicer.

Dressage Practice from Eventing Percheron on Vimeo.

Going by feel, he was heavy on Monday and stiff. He tried a new evasion which is to power trot around at full speed and blow through my half halts. I ended up working on a figure eight and asking for the new canter lead out of the off turn, so he had to change his bend and his balance immediately to get the lead. That made him sit back and pay attention. I was more stiff and frustrated on Monday. The presence of the camera does affect my riding, as does the turmoil at work. I am also sitting forward too much and pinching through my thigh. It was causing some, er, uncomfortableness after the ride. I need to get more firmly planted on my seat bones.

Wednesday, he was more mentally soft, and bent better, but was still tired behind. This trot was not quiet as big, the canter not quite as "up". I did not intend to film on Wednesday, so my ride started more relaxed, less urgent and insistent. Brego and I spent more time talking to each other at the walk, feeling out the tiredness. He was definitely stiffer to the right. After I first got on, I pulled my legs away from the saddle and found my seat. I then draped my legs down and tried to keep them long the entire ride. I definitely need more longe lessons without stirrups to learn to sit the canter better.

Overall, two good solid rides. Everyday is so different, I think that's part of being both so green. Inconsistent performances as we try to figure it all out.

Tomorrow I have a jumping lesson which I am very much looking forward to. My jumping trainer is a big fan of Brego so I always get a confidence boost. I am also hoping to focus on my position.

I am knackered trying to fit it all in. This crazy full time job is really getting in the way of my riding. But I've been able to make time for the important things and I think it's starting to show.

In other news, one of the young girls who rides at the barn has a younger brother who is, I am guessing, seven or so. Maybe younger. This boy is totally into drag racing and cars, but for once he drew a picture of a horse. It was Brego! His grandmother presented me with the drawing and said it was the first horse he'd ever drawn. So cute, I just had to share.

Brego in Art!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the Brego artwork!

Too cute!

Maybe Mae said...

Awesome drawing! You should frame it and hang it on his stall door. :)